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Indie developer, Firewhirl Entertainment, announces the arrival of the beta version of Citadel Wars: the first epic strategy FPS, now available for digital download and PC only at for $9.90 (50% off).

Citadel Wars features a perfect mix of RTS, Tower Defense and FPS. Set in a heroic fantasy world with a totally destructible environment, the game offers a balanced and polished gameplay where the analysis of units' strengths and weaknesses leads to victory.

With its huge update policy, FireWhirl is constantly working with the gaming community to refine the gameplay experience.

The world of Asgaror: the destiny of the Dwelves citadels

Long-forgotten, the great ancient Dwelf Citadels of Asgaror were no longer coveted for the good of all.  The Dwelf population, a curious cross between the Elves and the Dwarves, was long thought to have disappeared.  But the Empire of Chaos has just learnt of the existence of a handful of young Dwelves, the very last of their race, hidden in the ruins of the Dwelf Citadels. What is more, they are still capable of wielding the Power of Invocation of the TumbleStones, those magic stones found at the heart of the Citadels.

A great manhunt has just begun. Fighting to survive, the Dwelves are pursued amongst the ruins of the ancient Citadels by the Dark Lord of Chaos as they endeavor to defend the last TumbleStones of Asgaror.

Epic Action Strategy

Inviting you into the midst of the great Citadel battles, Citadel Wars offers a new breed of action and strategy gameplay experience. Armed with your enchanted bow and arrows, defend your citadel and face the hordes of enemies attacking from all sides.

Summon tier-1 allies to help you stop the surge of enemies.

Strategically position your units depending on which front is under attack.

Analyze the units' strengths and weaknesses to be more efficient in the battle.

Lead research to unlock tier-2 and tier-3 units and skills before your opponent.

Modders are invited to exploit our technology

Modders are invited to join forces and realize exciting new content. You are bound only by the limits of your imagination! Tutorials and tools are available for free for those who purchase the game and will let you customize all aspects and create your own maps through innovative technology.  Just imagine the possibilities when you can create your own maps, your own puzzles, and use our tools to create maps that are fully destructible!

FireWhirl Entertainment

Citadel Wars is developed by FireWhirl Entertainment, a U.S.-based independent studio born from a strong passion for video gaming and developing. 6 members pool their creativity to produce a first-person shooter video game run on an in-house engine.

Visit the Citadel Wars team’s diary at: forces and purchase Citadel Wars at for $9.90 (50% off).

Demo Download

Citadel Wars Trailer:


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