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Winners of The Game Creators and Intel Games for Notebooks Competition Announced!

Carlos Wilkes’ Astrodude announced as the winner of the best all round netbook game!

The Game Creators recently ran a Games for Notebooks competition in association with Intel and it proved to be a huge success. The Game Creators recently teamed up with Intel to offer game developers the chance to win some amazing prizes for developing new game apps for netbooks. There were several fantastic prizes on offer with the top prize being an all expenses paid vacation worth up to US $5,000!

The competition produced superb and extremely keen entries with The Game Creators (TGC) community taking to the competition extremely enthusiastically. The entries came from people all around the world and of many different age ranges, providing an excellent demonstration of the diversity of TGC’s community.

Game types ranged from first person shooters to scrolling action games. There were a range of categories on which games were judged such as best game play, graphics, standout game element, and best all round game. The Game Creators’ Co-Founder, Rick Vanner, said “Yet again we have been amazed by the quality and originality of our enthusiastic game making community. There are some great game apps that will now be on sale in the Intel AppUp store thanks to this joint competition between TGC and Intel.”

Intel have been very excited by the quality of the entries and are looking forward to seeing the future games which will be submitted to their AppUp store.

The winner of best all round netbook game was Astrodude by Carlos Wilkes.  Congrats to Carlos and the winners of the various categories! Videos of all winners can be found on The Game Creators’ YouTube channel

For more information on the winning entries, please go to:


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