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Traveler's Quest - First Anniversary Sale

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 25 November 2010

Innovative development studio Kitty Code today announces Traveler's Quest 2.2 will be on sale for our game's one year anniversary through Cyber Monday. Traveler's Quest gets you off the couch and out of the house in search of virtual treasure in the real world. Treasure hunting adventures have never been more fun, or more social now that you can not only pilfer your friend's treasures, but now you can brag about it on their Facebook wall.

Orlando, Florida - To celebrate their first year of treasure hunting, Traveler's Quest will be on sale through Cyber Monday! Traveling around over the holidays? Why not make waiting in those line a little more fun? Traveler's Quest allows you to bury treasures anywhere, and dig up the treasures of other players. Lots of treasures to be found in airports and other common places too!

Traveler's Quest is a unique game that allows you to bury and dig treasures no matter where you are. an iPhone and a signal (net connection) are all you need to play this quietly addicting game. The more you travel, the more chances you will have to bury and dig treasures in far away places, but even the local players can play this game successfully!  Take your treasures as far away from their origin before you bury them to get maximum daily gold interest.

Your treasure hunting adventures have never been more fun, or more social now that you can not only pilfer your friend's treasures, but brag about it on THEIR Facebook wall as well! Let everyone know that you pilfered that treasure and you're proud of it!

About the game:
Traveler's Quest is a GPS Game which allows you to hunt for virtual treasures in the real world. The treasures you find belong to other players, but don't worry, they're after your treasures too!  Bury treasures to earn some gold, but remember, the further you bury that treasure away from its origin, the more it's worth, and the more gold you shall receive!  Every buried treasure has a map which is sold in the local in game store.

The in game store not only sells maps, but treasures and upgrades as well!  Upgrade your treasure detector to find those treasures that have been buried to the deepest depths, or upgrade your bury device to make those maps more expensive, and harder to dig up! This game is easy, yet addictive - just ask our fans on our Facebook Fan Page! Our fan page is a central hub of information, taunting and more!

Feature Highlights:
* Map Room
* Treasure Room
* Buried Treasure Maps
* Limited Edition Treasure Collections
* In Game Store
* In Game Leaderboards (Game Center coming very soon)
* News Room
* MMO: Fully Online and Massively Multiplayer
* World wide support
* Facebook Integration

What they're saying:

The perfect fusion of reality and fantasy!!  This game is the perfect mix of fantasy treasure hunting in the real world because the game board IS the real world! - ToMiTa

In this game there be Pirates, Treasures, Wine, Women & Song! (except fer the wine part) What more could ye ask fer? - JavaKing

This game is unlike any other and is so much fun! The Facebook page allows you to interact with other players as well. Be warned though ... it is VERY addictive. - Psychopsis

My family and I are having a blast with this. We enjoy geocaching as a family but sometimes it's just not convenient to go hiking through the woods and spend an hour trying to find a physical object that someone's hidden. But, Traveler's Quest is the perfect solution. - Tony Rush

Love the game! It may not be a fast paced game, but I find myself addicted to it. I check it constantly throughout the day!  - CinfulGentleman

So get off the couch and out of the house - come play Traveler's Quest with us today!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi/3G
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 7.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Traveler's Quest 2.2 is regularly $2.99 USD, on sale price $0.99 USD and available exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.


Kitty Code, LLC is a privately owned startup in Orlando, FL, which writes innovative applications for hand held devices. With over 30 combined years of experience in weather, web technologies and game development we are able  to create games and applications which are robust, fun to play, technically savvy and yet easy to use.


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