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Harmony Arcade release Facebook game "Castle Smash"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 19 November 2010

Harmony Arcade, a new independent social game developer based in Vancouver, Canada, have recently released their debut title for Facebook - Castle Smash.

'Castle Smash is the Facebook game where you make friends by destroying castles. Pick from various weapons like the slingshot and trebuchet and equip magical items that give you the advantage in battle. Smash your friend’s castle to win his gold. The humiliation will make him respect you.

Come back daily and pillage single player castles as they rebuild to level up and get achievements. You will need the practice to defeat your friends in the frenetic multiplayer mode.

Be the best. Smash the rest…of your friends.'

  • Castle Smash on Facebook
  • Harmony Arcade Website


Castle Smash Trailer


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