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Dead Meets Lead Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Keldyn Interactive releases first gameplay footage of Dead Meets Lead 

Gothenburg, Sweden - November 16, 2010 Independent developer Keldyn Interactive today released the first gameplay trailer of their upcoming game Dead Meets Lead. The trailer follows the main character throughout a few maps, showcasing some of the aspects of the game, such as his ability to slam the ground, or shooting down zombies with his blunderbuss. Several enemies which has never been shown before are featured, among them several types of "human" zombies, hounds-turned-zombies and the mystic voodoo priests. The video also displays the unique environment and the beautiful graphics of DML.

Dead Meets Lead is a fast paced, zombie-slaying, action PC game set to be released in 2011. The game is centered around an 18th century character known as "The Captain", who is on a mission to obliterate evil from a zombie-infested island in the Caribbean.

Keldyn Interactive ™ is a dedicated independent game development company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company develops small to medium sized games, with a focus on gameplay and quality. Currently, the team is working on the upcoming title Dead Meets Lead, a third person, single player action game. The team consists of; engineers Fredrik Norén, Joakim Carlsson and Patrik Sjölin, and graphics artist Magnus Norén.


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