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The Clash Soft launches Comic Aquarium

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 21 November 2010

Games developer The Clash Soft has developed Comic Aquarium, a virtual aquarium simulator for iPad, available worldwide on the App Store by mid-September. In Comic Aquarium players take care of up to 10 fish tanks; they have to earn virtual coins to buy ornaments, plants and fishes by progressing through the levels. Players also can visit their neighbours in a real time. Comic Aquarium is connected by the open social network OpenFeint and Facebook. An iPhone version of the game is expected to be launch early 2011.
In Comic Aquarium players can create beautiful and colourful aquariums and share them with their friends! Take a photo of their tanks and upload them to their Facebook account to share it. Players can gain more experience by cleaning their tanks, breeding their fishes, visiting their friends’ tanks, etc.

Comic Aquarium is fully integrated with OpenFeint, that means players can visit all their friends OpenFeint/Facebook aquariums and clean their tanks, get some chest coins and of course, leave them a message, the more friends they have playing Comic Aquarium, the more faster they pass through levels.

The game is continually being updating by Internet adding new animals, new decors and plants to the shop so the game experience is unlimited!

Main features of Comic Aquarium:
- 30+ starter animals
- 100+ starter decors, plants, backgrounds and grounds
- Is continually being updating with more animals and decors
- 99+ Levels
- Breed your animals, sell them, clean your tanks, visit your friends, etc. to gain experience and virtual coins to pass levels!
- Visit your friend's aquariums to gain experience and coins!
- See how your animals grow from baby to adult in real time - remember to feed them every day
- Take beautiful photos of your tanks and upload them to your Facebook account to share it with your friends!
- Unlock more than 30 achievements and get OF points!
- Simple but addictive game experience!
- Original soundtrack and beautiful images.
- Coming soon: iPhone version.
- Coming soon: Game Centre integration.

*An active Internet connection is necessary to play the game.

Comic Aquarium Official Site

Comic Aquarium Gameplay Trailer:


Javier said...

Looking forward!! Can't wait to get it! :)

CaptainD said...

I've gotta admit, I don't understand the appeal of this sort of game - but they sure seem to be popular!

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