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Blörk : a free 2D platform game, made by students of Supinfogame (France)

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 14 November 2010

Platform : iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Support : Downloadable on the App Store for free
Requirements : iOS 3.1.2 or later
Language : English
Size : less than 20 mb
Genre : 2D Platform
Number of players : 1
Public : core gamers
PEGI : 9+
Release date : October 2010

  • Plunged into a crazy and quirky world, Blörk invites the player to embody a Klörx, a tricky alien species that enjoys kidnapping human sleepwalkers while they are asleep!
  • In Blörk, the player doesn’t control the sleepwalkers but the world they evolve in by manipulating the level while the touch screen enables to interact with the environment and its elements.
  • The objective is simple, the sleepwalkers have to be walked through the stages without waking them up!
  • Toy with sleepwalkers, the world is within your hands!
  • Experience 2 different sleepwalkers with different gameplay.
  • Explore a delirious and crazy world!
  • 2 worlds
  • 18 levels
  • 3 various environments
  • 2 different sleepwalkers

Get it from the AppStore:

Or from the Official Blork Website

[CaptainD says: Looks interesting - remeniscent of the old Atari STe game "Sleepwalker"]


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