Review / Feature Policy

* I am not currently accepting any advertising enquiries
* I am also not accepting news items or review copies.
 Apologies but I really need to concentrate on my own gamedev for the moment, I've been spreading myself too thinly between projects and achieving nothing useful as a result.  The information below I've kept for future reference...

Obviously I always love to hear from indie devs; however because of lack of time or feeling certain things are not a great fit for the site.  In general I like to keep the site family friendly.  Games that are a bit darker / deal with mature themes (and when I say that, I mean genuinely mature themes, not media that thinks it's mature by using profanity and gore) are generally fine, as long as the descriptions and screenshots themselves are not too intense.

I'm most likely to feature games if they are:
  • Pointandclick 
  • JRPG
  • Puzzle
  • Retro
  • Turn-Based Strategy
  • Real-Time Strategy
  • Tower Defence
  • Family-friendly 

I'm currently only able to review PC and Android games.  I try to feature games for as many systems as possible however.

If you send an unsolicited Steam key / other download key, chances are I will at least have a look at your game but I don't guarantee a feature or review.  If you offer and I accept / if I actually ask for a review copy, I will try to make sure I do get a review out at some point - though I may need reminders!!

Certain things put me off quite a bit:
  • Profanity (especially in game titles and screenshots)
  • Zombies, vampires, werewolves
  • Pretty much anything horror-related
  • Blood splatter / excessive gore
  • I'm not generally keen on Walking Simulators or First Person Shooters.  I've reviewed quite a lot of Hidden Object Games in the past but they're not really my thing either.
  • Hack and Slash (I do like RPGs in general but they need to have a good story, I don't like it when combat is the main focus of the game)
  • Games that are essentially so story-led that there is hardly any actual gameplay

These are just general guidelines, and there may be exceptions to any of them.  If you still feel your game would be a good fit please feel free to email me.  If I decide not to use something that's sent to me it doesn't mean I hate you or your game - I may simply not have enough time or be too busy with my own devving to devote much time to blogging for a while!
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