Patreon Rewards

Rewards exclusive to CaptainD's patrons on his Patreon Campaign so far:

  • Exclusive pre-release of Fanbots 2.0  - get it here (freeware)
  • Exclusive one-switch "Lunar Lander" prototype that I made (later - MUCH later! -  updated and released here)
  • Free copy of "Captain Disaster: The Dark Side of the Moon" eBook - you can otherwise get it here. (Commercial) [£0.99]
  • Free copy of "The Captain Disaster Collection" eBook - you can otherwise get it here(Commercial)  [£2.99]
  • Free copy of "Lord of the Things: The Mellow Hip of the Thing" ebook  - you can otherwise get it here(Commercial) [£0.99] 
  • Early access to my Daleks game (remake of an ancient Atari ST game which was itself  probably based on an even more ancient game) - get it here (freeware)
  • Early access to my AGS Cycles game (retro Light Cycles 2-player game with randomised elements) - get it here (freeware)
  • A complimentary copy of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (available for $8.99 from
  • Early access to Space Tunneler Deluxe (and update of an old game jam entry) which is now available for free (/ Pay If You Want) on
    • Mention in credits for higher-tier patrons
  • I've started a "Patron Spotlight" feature where I will give coverage to games my patrons are working on.  This has resulted in the following posts so far:
  • TBC

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