Future Plans

Without being too specific, my future game development plans *definitely* include:

  • At least one more Captain Disaster game in the same retro pointandclick style as Death Has A Million Stomping Boots - this will be called The Trouble With Screeching Sapper Serpents and will revisit the rubbish dump on Acturus-1
  • The Rat Pack full version - text-based, turn-based strategy in which you have to complete various missions for King Rat by establishing thriving colonies in different locations, each with their own challenges.  (If you want to play the prototype version of this game, made for a game jam, you can download it here.)

Slightly less concrete plans but games I want to make at some stage:
  • A puzzle game where you have to keep the fires burning at the right times and at the right intensity, in a Victorian mansion / country house.  (I designed this during a weekend away some years ago, have lost the original design notes of course but still have the idea pretty firmly in mind.)
  • Possibly make a proper version of the game "Keep The Wards Covered!" which I made a working prototype of using JustBasic years ago.  It was based on part of my job at the time but without the annoyance that comes with the real-life experience...
  • A non-violent RPG, but with similar mechanics and an epic storyline.  I have a couple of different ideas in mind for this, one of which I've more or less mapped out, the other being somewhat more ambitious (and therefore potentially less likely to happen!)
  • I definitely want to make at least one audiogame.  Probably more than one... but we'll see.  (Partly inspired by this game jam, although the idea was in my head already.)  (Okay this one has actually happened - check out the game BlindSweeper!)
  • I will probably make another one-switch game if I can think of a good idea for it.
  • A remake of the Commodore 16 game "Millionaire".  I just have such fond memories of that game and it would be really nice to make a more modern version, while striving to maintain the charm and elegant simplicity of the original.
  • Very unlikely, but if it ever appeared possibly to make the full game of Troll Song, I would love to do that.  Also the game A Landlord's Tale, in the unlikely event of it ever happening, I would love to be the Writer for.

The dream is to one day be able to earn a living from indie development.  Anyone wishing to give me a helping hand can check out my Patreon Campaign.  I try to give my patrons as many rewards as possible - I keep track of the rewards I have been able to give out on this page.
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