CaptainD's Games

This is not an exhaustive list of all the games I've worked on, but it represents most of those that I've been the sole / lead designer for.

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is an epic comedy science fiction pointandclick adventure, my first commercial game co-developed with TheBitPriest - free demo available.  The demo is about 45 minutes of gameplay with the full game weighing in at approximately 6-8 hours, depending on your playing style, how good you are at solving the puzzles and possibly whether you cheat by looking at the walkthrough!

Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon is the first game I ever led development of, co-developed with Mark Easton, this is a freeware point and click adventure game.  Comedy sci-fi pointandclick adventure again, fully voiced by myself, don't let the primative graphics put you off, there's are a solid 2-3 hours of fun-filled puzzling in this game!

Sadly the full game will never be made in all probability as the dev team broke up, but the first verse of Troll Song is a good hour's retro adventure gaming fun featuring a modified verb list interface.

Space Tunneler Deluxe is a redux version of a gamejam entry I made ages ago, this is a retro arcade game which contains game mechanics that really force you to make constant decisions about how you go about playing it.  Features a thumping soundtrack and challenging gameplay - with 5 difficulty levels and the ability to continue your game between sessions (though you lose points for doing so :-D).

The Rat Pack (MAGS version) is a text-based, turn-based strategy game where you have to control a colony of rats.  I'm expanding this into a bigger, better featured game, but this version (made for a game jam) is good for a short blast of TBS gameplay.

Daleks is a loose remake of an old Atari ST game I remember playing, with SFX by my young daughter. :-)

Spot The Difference is a game where you... er... spot the differences between two images.  I've used images mostly from my own adventure games.  This was kind of coding practice for me but it plays pretty well.

AGS Cycles is a 2-player Light Cycles game with a randomised game grid each time you play.  I didn't release it with an AI opponent option in the end as I couldn't get an AI working in a way that I was satisfied with.  Works well if you have a nearby friend (or enemy...).

BlindSweeper is my entry to #audiogamejam3 and my first ever attempt at an audiogame.  (Hopefully not my last...)  It's Minesweeper, except you have to rely entirely on your hearing!

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