Thursday, 1 November 2018

Site Status - stasis mode enabled

Due to time constraints and needing to concentrate on my own gamedev (particularly getting The Rat Pack finished - I am also highly likely to released an updated version of or sequel to BlindSweeper), I am not going to be updating this blog much / at all for a while.  I have no clear idea how long that while might be at the moment.  I may post reviews now and then, as I would like to catch up with my huge review backlog eventually, and possibly post some more design musings if the mood takes me.  General news items however like new releases and Kickstarters are very unlikely to appear for now.  (However if you are a dev please feel free to tag me on Twitter when you have news and I will retweet if I feel is relevant - if I don't, please don't feel offended!)

In the meantime here's an alpha test demo of the game I'm working on right now:

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