Monday, 15 October 2018

Visitors of the first, second and third kinds...

Indiedev Nicky Nyce, who drew and animated the awesome Fembot from Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots, has a much greater legacy in the realm of scifi pointandclick adventure games - he is the creator of the highly-rated Visitor trilogy. If you like scifi pointandclicks these are definitely games you'll want to check out (and they won't even cost you anything!)

The Visitor

The Visitor is about an alien named Agent Moss, he's from the Omega 1 Earth Abduction Unit. One night over New York City his saucer strikes the Statue of Liberty and malfunctions. After entering the escape pod at the last second, Agent Moss lands in young Danny Myers backyard.

Can you help Agent Moss gather the tools he needs in order to phone home? Can you help young Danny Myers finish his chores before his crazy brother throws him another beating?

How can a being from another universe, that abducts humans, help Danny Myers miserable life?

Lots of puzzle solving, fun animations, 120 sounds, 60 inventory items, animating look and interact icons and hours of game play in this comedy slash drama, with a pinch of spooky on the side.

Two playable characters....Danny and the visitor Agent Moss

***Find a way to prank your brother and you will recieve a special cutscene at the end of the game!***


Visual: 79%
Immersion: 78%
Puzzles & Pacing: 78%
Overall Enjoyment: 80%

The Visitor 2

Juicing up his story to gain fame, Agent Moss told everyone how he fought off giant spiders, growling dogs, hissing cats and an army of humans by using only his bare hands and large pulsing brain to escape earth. 

After hearing his amazing story, Omega 1 turned him into a special agent. Now Moss and two of Omega 1's best, are sent to find a saucer that went down somewhere on earth 5 days ago. The problem is, the humans have got to them already, and they're now being held in some sort of lab/military base. Agent Moss is now thrust into this life threatening situation, and knows full well that he's a fraud. 

Wishing he was back to his old job of abducting humans from a safe distance, he must now venture off with his fellow aliens, Slug and Scar, to find these downed agents. Help these aliens complete their mission and return home safely. 

  • Three playable characters 
  • Switch between 2 of them at almost any time 
  • 50 rooms 
  • 160 sounds 

Visual: 87%
Immersion: 86%
Puzzles & Pacing: 85%
Overall Enjoyment: 87%

The Visitor 3

Commander Moss and his crew are back with another dangerous mission. An Omega 1 prisoner transport ship carrying two prisoners sent a distress beacon before disappearing from radar. President Gooman decides to send Slug, Scar, Commander Moss and his new human assistant, Head, to the ships last known coordinates. Moss and his crew must find this ship and rescue any survivors. Once there, Commander Moss soon realizes, there is more going on than a disabled ship. A new life form emerges and puts everyone on board the ship at risk. 


Visual: 89%
Immersion: 91%
Puzzles & Pacing: 87%
Overall Enjoyment: 89%

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