Monday, 10 September 2018

Indie Game Review - Solbot Energy Rush (Android)

In Solbot Energy Rush by Freakout Games you play an astronaut (or something like that) with trendy jet boots - your mission is to collect energy.  You do this by collecting orbs that are the same colour as your current spacesuit - this changes each level.  There are 50 level in all and the number of orbs you encounter increases each level, and guess what the orbs that are a different colour to your suit do?  That's right, they kill you.  So already by level 10 you start to get quite a challenge from this game.

The controls are nice and responsive - just press either side of the screen to go that way - with both rapid and precise movements easily possible.  You can obtain keys to allow you to continue the game when you die without losing your progress - either by watching a video or viewing an energy fact - so this game might just help you to cut your energy bill as well!

There are power-ups every so often - I've only come across 2 different types so far - there are 5 in total, so I'm assuming a new one is introduced every 10th level.  It really does become quite frenetic at times, and at those times you will be REALLY glad to come across a power-up!   The visuals are sharp and effective.

All in all this is a very fun and challenging game - it's an extremely simple concept that's well executed and the difficulty level progression is pretty spot on.  The energy facts are interesting and useful, so gaining new keys to help you get better scores and complete levels isn't a chore.  Oh and the music is good too!

If you like fast-paced retro arcade games, you will definitely enjoy Solbot Energy Rush - you can get it on the Google PlayStore.  It's also available for iOS at the iStore.

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