Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Indie Game Review - HexTrains (PC)

HexTrains is a Tower Defence game but, rather than the traditional TD format, it's presented in the style of a casual puzzle game.  Oh and instead of enemies, you get trains with coloured cargo containers - which you must destroy with towers of the corresponding colour, on a hexagonal map (see where the game gets its name from?).

The whole thing is presented in a rather relaxing way, from the style to the music, and it doesn't really get frenetic in the way good TD games usually do (though this is perhaps because I have only played the early levels as yet).  This makes it a nice game to chill out to, but don't be fooled into thinking it's easy - it most definitely isn't!  Forward planning is absolutely essential if you want to complete any given level.  HexTrains provides a really challenge and a good number of levels (58) and corresponding achievements.   It also has an attractively low price point and represents good value for money.

This is definitely a game that fans of both TD and puzzle fans, while if you like both, you're definitely onto a winner!  Available on Steam for £3.99.

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