Thursday, 13 September 2018

Indie Game Review – Football vs World (Android)

Football vs World - Destructible Environment Game is an extremely simple but oddly enjoyable game where you play a giant football intent on destroying things (because why not?).  There are 2 control methodologies to choose from but by far I prefer tilting the phone to move and pressing the screen to jump.

You have 10 levels (hopefully in the future) with nicely designed voxel graphics depicting a scene, including one imaginative level where you are suspended in mid-air and have a plane to destroy.  Gameplay is as simply as it sounds – move around destroying anything you touch – but with a pretty tight time limit and quite some finesse needed when there’s not much left on the screen, it’s also quite a challenge.  There are a few different ball types to unlock by achieving score totals etc, so there’s some value in replaying levels with a different ball to get a higher score.  The worldwide high score tables are a definite plus for this game. 

The number of advertisements is on the wrong side of annoying for me but they all seem to be skippable after 3-4 seconds, so it’s not really a problem.  The visuals are good and the music is nice.

Currently this is a good little time-waster; with the short time limit on each level it’s a perfect coffee break game.  (Incidentally, it’s also possible to review the game during lunch break!! :-D)   It would definitely benefit from the addition of more levels in the future and perhaps the addition of power-ups would also boost replayability.  

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