Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Heralds of The Order - demo available

Heralds of The Order is а turn-based strategy game boiled down to the genre’s core principles. Utilize positioning and abilities with elaborate patterns to achieve victory! Featuring hand drawn art and over 20 story hand crafted missions.  It's being developed by Archean Games, a small indie developer with big greams!

Key Features

  • Turn-based tactical combat boiled down to it's core priciples. Where positioning and countering the enemies defences are the key to victory.
  • Hand drawn line art and animations with 6 unique environments.
  • Over 20 handcrafted missions with optional pickups containing powerful God Powers which provide you an edge for the rest of your journey.
  • Adapt your strategy! Customize your parties stats and chose from the numerous God Powers to overcome the chalanges ahead of you.
  • Unique boss fights with devastating attacks requiring perfect positioning to avoid.
  • 8 party members each with there unique motivations and abilities.

The demo (which currently only works in 1920x1080) is available from itch.iogamejoltindiedb or gamefront.  The devs are also requesting feedback from players here.

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