Thursday, 16 August 2018

New release - Space Tunneler Deluxe

This is actually my own game, with a little help from others - it's an updated version of an old gamejam entry I made back in December 2015.  I've added some things, updated others, and although the main game itself is essentially unchanged, I think this is now a much better game than its original incarnation.

If you want to give it a go, you can download it for free here (there is an option to make a donation, and I thank you in advance if you decide to do that, but really I would much rather people only do that if they download the game and get some real enjoyment from it).

It's an arcade game with the heart of a strategy game.  Sort of.  Quick reflexes are useful but not as useful as good planning.  Most of the graphics are my own, so... don't expect to be blown away aesthetically!  But it's a good challenging game, although the "Ultra Wimpy" mode is reasonably easy (you still have to watch what you're doing though!).  I honestly haven't checked yet whether completing the game in "Ultra Hardcore" mode is actually possible...

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