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Dystopic Sci-fi Thriller ManMade's Playable Demo is Out

Istanbul - May 09, 2018 - Indie developer, CBILAB VR Studios is proud to announce the playable demo of the debut title ManMadeManMade is a story-driven VR adventure game set in an AI-ruled 2050’s dystopian world. Kaan, the leading man in the story, is the father of the most advanced AI in the world. He was a devoted advocate for its use, but an accident changed the course of his life. He saw the real face of AI; now, aware of the truth, he’s the greatest enemy of the system.

ManMade has received an attention from gamers since CBILAB VR Studios launched the official cinematic trailer and has quickly collected more than 3000 signups for the Kickstarter waiting list.   

Check out the Official Website for full details.

VR Focus calls ManMade ‘already looks the part, somewhere between Blade Runner and The Matrix.’ and Gameranx says ‘A dystopian sci-fi that echoes the haunting futurism of Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. 

Heavily Narrative Focused Gameplay Style
There are two different playable characters, Anika and Kaan, available in ManMade. The players can experience the world from two different people who have different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. As a detective-like experience, you’ll need to keep your eye out for clues along the way. Exploring the scenes will provide more information to use later in the game for overcoming tough situations, unraveling the truth, and persuading people. Every detail matters, every interaction shapes the future, every decision could ruin everything.
ManMade is unique in its narrative focused gameplay that utilizes, actors' performances to elevate player experience in an immersive world were decisions are bound to everlasting consequences. CBILAB VR Studios used IKinema motion capture and FaceWare technology for capturing these performances for action sequences and other game animations.
Talking about ManMade, Bora Helvacioglu, Art Director of CBILAB VR Studios says “We hope to deliver a cinematic experience of what life could be like in a dystopian AI ruled future. To do that, we used real actors through 3D digital scanning. The goal is to make the game feel like an epic movie experience that you are a part of.”

Hack the server, avoid being caught, act fast, decide faster!
The gameplay demo place you inside a server room. Kaan is still unable to find the perpetrators of the incident that marked his future and failed to obtain answers to questions in his head. A message from an unknown number reveals to Kaan that the company he works with is responsible for these events. Kaan can't bear to think that the people who are decimating his whole life are working in his company. He decides to enter the server room where the message points. This server login attempt, which he believes will be done smoothly, will prove to be though feat to conquer and way more dangerous than you probably expected.

On the release of the playable demo, Yiğit Bekir Kaya, CEO, and Co-founder of CBILAB VR Studios says, "Gameplay has been one of our focal points in ManMade. We believed that we should share with you how passionate we are about this element before our Kickstarter campaign starts. The gameplay demo is still a work in progress, undergoing constant development and tweaking to reach our desired expectations. We have the capability to expand and refine our current gameplay experience to reach those expectations, process which is tied to constraints like funding and time, which are our main reasons to start a crowdfunding campaign."

ManMade will be available on Kickstarter on 31st May 2018. Launching is planned for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PC, PlayStation and PlayStation VR.

About CBILAB VR Studios
CBILAB VR Studios is a team of developers and creative individuals building story-driven VR games. Established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016, the studio was founded by a passionate team with the sole goal of creating story-rich games. For more information go to the official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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