Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Doctor Will See You Now: Bio Inc.: Redemption Launches

MONTREAL – March 8, 2018 – Bio Inc.: Redemption, the medical malpractice simulator from developer DryGin Studios, exits Steam Early Access today with a waiting room full of new features and game modes.

Today’s launch marks the debut of a competitive multiplayer mode in which opposing doctors compete, one fighting for life and the other death, to keep a patient alive or help him to an early grave. Complete with matchmaking and leaderboards, multiplayer is one of several new features alongside sandbox mode, female patients, and three new levels including boss challenges for the life and death campaigns.

Bio Inc.: Redemption’s two campaigns encompass 24 levels of increasing difficulty for doctors who want to challenge themselves. Run tests and diagnose patients afflicted with hundreds of real diseases and symptoms, or ignore the Hippocratic Oath to inflict suffering on trusting, healthy people.

A roulette wheel lets maniacal medical practitioners infect their victims with a random STD. Patients can be named, and choices like Donald Trump, Jesus, Kim Jong Un or Hillary Clinton put famous faces on the operating table. Wield the power of life and death – the doctor is in.

“The Early Access data has shown an even split of players fighting for death and life in the campaign,” says J-F Mitchell, President of DryGin Studios. “With the launch of multiplayer versus, we are excited to see the outcome of theses head-to-head battles and know which side will stand.”

Bio Inc.: Redemption is available via Steam in English, French, German, and Russian for $14.99 USD.

For more information, please visit the Bio Inc.: Redemption website, follow DryGin Studios on Twitter, or like Bio Inc. on Facebook.

About DryGin Studios

DryGin Studios is a maturing indie game development company based in Montreal, Canada. Since its founding in 2012 by two long-time software developers and entrepreneurs, DryGin Studios has successfully self-published three titles surpassing 17 million downloads on mobile, reaching the top 10 in many countries on both Android and iOS.

The DryGin team is currently expanding its most popular franchise, Bio Inc., developing a sequel that will launch in 2018 on multiple platforms (PC, mobile and consoles).

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