Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Francy Droo brings friends to Steam for a new visual novel anthology

It doesn't get much weirder than this folks...

From the developers of Cat President: A More Purrfect Union comes The Francy Droo & Friends Collectiona brand-new anthology of bite-sized visual novels! Included in the collection:
  • My Nigerian Prince, a romance game about spam email and the people who send it. The e-mail was junk, but their love...was real.

  • Francy Droo and the Mystery of the Missing Mother-in-Law, in which a sassy teen detective with no relation to any copyrighted characters whatsoever has to save her friend's wedding, or DIE TRYING.

  • Francy Droo and the Secret of the Shady Midnight Caller, a mystery game that explores the dangers of answering your phone, like, ever. Follow-up to the SMASH-HIT original Francy Droo!!

  • TRAPPED! In a Soap Opera, in which a hunky TV star crosses over to a fantasy world of evil twins, mysterious pregnancies, and scariest of all—science.

  • Who Am I? The Let's Play Disaster, in which a Let's Player let's-plays you while you play a game about Let's Playing. I think? It's all very confusing.
The Francy Droo &Friends Collection is coming to Steam on December 5th! You'll also be able to purchase the games à la carte on

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