Saturday, 30 December 2017

Zniw Adventure 2017 trailer

I've posted about this game a lot already, haven't I?

Well... I'm not likely to stop.  Here's the new trailer!

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Always nice to get a bit of recognition... this blog ranked #19 in Feedspot's Top 30 Indie Game Blog list.

Check out the full list here.

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots - RELEASED!

This is the game I have been working on with my co-dev (TheBitPriest) in the States for... for... longer than either of us care to remember.  But it's now here!!

Captain Disaster takes a job delivering a package from Acturus-1 to Proboscis Major - not realising that he is actually transporting something that will put the entire galaxy in danger!  Though just getting the package in the first place is quite a challenge in itself...

Our intrepid nitwit investigates interesting peculiar people, puzzling places and panicky problems along the way to saving the day, once he finally realises that something is wrong.  Expect lots of laughs and head-scratching dilemmas before you reach the shocking conclusion and find out what all this "Million Stomping Boots" business is actually about!
Game Details:
  • Classic point-and-click adventure gaming action with a few new twists
  • Retro 320x200 resolution graphics
  • Fully voiced 
  • Epic music score 
  • Plenty of puzzles 
  • Plenty of adventure
  • Plenty of comedy


Available now from
Other distributors coming soon (slight problem with setup on GameJolt so that's a little delayed)

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Indie Game Review - Super Panda Adventures

Sometimes you unearth a hidden gem purely by chance.  The vast majority of games I review here are ones I get sent for review - but not this one.  I got it purely because it was extremely cheap in the sale, I had some funds in my Steam Wallet from selling trading cards obtained playing other games, and I thought it looked cute and my daughter would probably like it.

Well my daughter does like it - in fact both my daughters absolutely love it - but once I started playing it myself, I couldn't stop!

Super Panda Adventures is a 2D platformer with lovely retro aesthetics that I could have easily imagined I was playing on the SNES.  The gameplay is fast and fluid, with responsive controls and full gamepad support.  Soon it becomes apparent that this is no mere platformer, however - RPG elements are skillfully woven into it, with a nice levelling system and relics to find that grant you special abilities.  Each level has numerous places that you won't be able to access first time round, as you will need certain abilities to reach every last place.    There are various characters you can talk to along the way and while interaction is somewhat limited, the writing is consistently amusing.  Fast, insistent tunes pound away in the background and there are a smattering of sound effects.

Because the gameplay is so smooth it works nicely enough as a pure platformer, but the RPG elements really add to the game game, and it definitely helps that it's all done very tongue-in-cheek.  The gameplay can get a little repetitive and a couple of the boss battles did seem a little on the tough side (there there is one easier difficulty level than the "Easy" mode I completed the game with), but once you work out the best place for grinding (no I'm not going to tell you! :P) it's usually not too time-consuming.  My kids both love the game to bits, and a large part of the reason it took me so long to complete is that they kept insisting on having "their turn" on the game!  Hmm... I don't remember actually agreeing to this "turn" business...

The RPG element works pretty well, with multiple skills that you can improve as you progress.  You make your biggest XP gains completing quests - of which there are quite a few - by collecting tokens that sometimes appear when you vanquish a foe, or you can even buy XP packets in a shop (coins, also, can be dropped by defeated enemies).  Of course there are items that are just on the landscape to be picked up as well, but unlike the enemies (which are mainly in the form of nasty robots), these do not re-spawn.

It's one of the few games I've come across so far that happily supports my Vcom gamepad, and overall it's a lovely little game.  True it can get repetitive, but the way each location slowly opens up with new places to explore as you gain new abilities stops things from becoming stale.  You get a lot of gameplay for a very low price, and if you like retro games at all, I would recommend that you give this one a look.

Available on Steam for £1.99 (at time of writing, it's in the Steam Sales for only 49 pence, an absolute steal).

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The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot Demo

Grace Sinclair is the new detective in town! She’s clever, confident, and with her lush rainbow locks, who wouldn’t want to hire her? When her skills are put to the test, she more than proves herself to her superior, the head detective, Lem Yasui. Catching criminals left and right Grace- …Grace? Grace are you ok?!

Um… I’m sorry this wasn’t supposed to happen. Grace seems to have fainted!

Oh no… how is Grace supposed to find out who dun it when she faints at the sight of blood?! How is she going to search for clues or question witnesses? She still has killers to catch, victims to save, and the famous serial killer The Banshee to stop!

I guess you’ll just have to find out when you play The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot!

Platform:  Windows/Linux/Mac

Features(In Full Game)
  • Full English Voice Acting (Disable/Enable)
  • 4 Unique Endings
  • Expressive Character Sprites
  • A Full, Immersive World with 40+ Backgrounds
  • Distinct Art Style
  • Discover Clues
  • Blood Gauge
  • Interrogate Witnesses
  • Tie All The Evidence Together To Catch The Criminal

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Lamplight City Announcement Trailer

Looking nice!

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

All my free games on

Fancy a free PC game?  Have one of these!

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Trailmakers Zooms onto PC January 31

Trailmakers Zooms onto PC

Coming to Steam Early Access on January 31 after open testing January 11-14

COPENHAGEN - Dec. 13, 2017 - Trailmakers, the vehicle-building adventure from the Press Play, Rare, and IO Interactive veterans at Flashbulb Games, will speed to Steam Early Access on Jan. 31 ahead of its full release on PC next year. A free open beta weekend, taking place Jan. 11-14, will give gamers the chance to experience Trailmakers before the Early Access release.

Daring adventurers are flocking to an abandoned planet that was once a holiday paradise. Now, harsh weather and dangerous wildlife scourge the land. But silly things like "hazards" and "unsafe terrain" just need ramps, checkpoints, and goal posts to become a bona-fide off-world rally expedition! Intrepid explorers require only courage, curiosity, and creativity to participate.

Two distinct single-player modes will be available in Steam Early Access: Creative and Expedition. Creative Mode provides infinite resources so tinkerers can construct the craziest vehicles they envision. In Expedition Mode, a challenging campaign tasks explorers with charting this alien planet and reaching the other end of a giant island. Finding the ultimate destination is the easy part; getting there, however, is a different matter entirely. Both modes will expand in the coming months so friends can play together.

Dethroned Mode, an entertaining fusion of capture-the-flag and king-of-the-hill, will be available upon Steam Early Access release. Making use of Flashbulb's "Physics-Over-Network" technology, Trailmakers' multiplayer allows up to four daring adventurers to build and crash intricately-built vehicles into one another and watch the parts fly everywhere, all synchronized perfectly between players.

Starting with just the basics for making a vehicle -- a frame, wheels, a seat, and an engine -- players are given the tools and an intuitive interface to build their very first car. The only limit is a finite amount of resources that can only be bolstered through exploration. Roadblocks occur naturally in this world. The next checkpoint might be atop a steep hill, or across a large jump. Maybe it's time to strap six different engines on to the body of the vehicle? Or maybe the solution is adding wings?

There's never only one way to solve a problem. With more than 40 vehicle parts, including helicopter blades and suspension for off-roading, if players can dream it, they can build it.  A transformer part even enables vehicles to convert into other forms. Vehicle blueprints can be drafted and shared with friends, and Trailmakers is built to support player-made content at full release. Early Access is just the beginning -- new skins, vehicle parts, and multiplayer modes are already in the pipeline and will continue to debut as robust, frequent post-launch support.
"With Trailmakers, we aimed to create an experience evoking the nostalgia and wonder of building with LEGO," said Mikkel Thorsted, creative director, Flashbulb Games. "It captures the childlike capacity to be curious and creative, bringing us back to a time in our lives when we were encouraged to experiment endlessly on our own terms."

Trailmakers will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Danish, and Polish for $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99 on Jan. 31, 2018.

For more information, please explore the Trailmakers official site.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Heart of Crown PC now on Steam

WILMINGTON, Del. – December 12, 2017 Culture Select announced today the international release of Heart of Crown PC on Steam! The digital edition of the popular Princess-themed deck building card game Heart of Crown by Japanese illustration circle FLIPFLOPs, it was developed by illuCalab and released in conjunction with Japanime Games and

Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016, the international release of Heart of Crown PC represents the culmination of multinational partnership and community support in the card game, visual novel and anime hobbyist spheres. Through a combined physical card game and digital release, the Heart of Crown franchise will now be able to reach the widest possible audience. A physical card game bundle through is currently being discussed as well.

Heart of Crown PC is available now on Steam at Regularly priced at $24.99, during release week a 20% discount ($19.99) will apply. Culture Select has started a community server for the game, which you can access at via discord.

What is Heart of Crown PC?
The Emperor has suddenly passed away, leaving seven heirs to the royal throne. Which princess will you promote in this battle of succession? Who will save the land from chaos and a war for the Crown!? Heart of Crown PC is both a careful one-to-one re-creation of the physical “Heart of Crown”, and a step above and beyond, taking advantage of all the opportunities that a digital medium has to offer.

At its core, Heart of Crown PC is a deck-building card game in which players use their power, resources and influence to build stronger decks. A player's ultimate objective is to meet the victory conditions before their opponents and lead their Princess to the throne.

Heart of Crown PC Features
  • “Deck-Building” card game: Show off your skills on a level playing field!
  • 7 unique Princesses to adapt to any playstyle!
  • Online play: Battle up to 4 human or CPU opponents at a time!
  • Ranked Matching lets you fight for your place on the online leaderboards!
  • Earn points to unlock campaign stories and delve deeper into the world of Heart of Crown!
  • Visual and Audio effects enhance the gameplay experience in ways that just wouldn’t be possible with the physical card game!
  • Steam Trading Cards, exclusive to the Steam Edition!

Heart of Crown PC is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Sharpen your skills, dominate your opponents, and make sure your princess succeeds to the throne!

About Culture Select
Culture Select is a Delaware, USA based publishing and localization start-up crewed by a tight-knit international team. Empowered by fans and developers around the world, they seek to bring both established and undiscovered titles to brand new markets and fresh new audiences. Interested in the latest updates or just want to shoot the breeze? Follow Culture Select's Twitter account at and like Culture Select’s Facebook page at

About Japanime Games (
Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It's Japanime Games’ goal to import and translate the best of the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Their games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging game play and quality components. For more information about Japanime Games, see

About ( is the world's first legal download site for English translated Visual Novels. Since its launch in July 2008, it has offered services where fans can download and enjoy popular Visual Novels such as minori's ef -a fairy tale of two and OVERDRIVE's Dengeki Stryker right from their home.
A Japanese entertainment production team who have been creating manga and games since 2006, consisting of two members: ginko (ぎんこ) and Yuki Takahata (高畑ゆき). Known for works including Everyday Tales of a Cat God, and as the artists for Etrian Odyssey II: The girl of six flowers.

About illuCalab
An indie video game circle making both original games and franchised games, they have done everything from single player action games to online match card games. Some of their other projects include Raiko the Beast and Illusionary Sky Drift.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Indie Game Review - Crashday: Redline Edition

Crashday: Redline Edition is a highly entertaining driving game - you'll notice I didn't call it a racing game, because racing is only a small part of it.  There are seven main game modes - Wrecking Match, Stunt Show, Hold the Flag, Race, Pass the Bomb, Bomb Run and Test Drive.  Each of these is highly individual and, as you might imagine, some get the blood pumping more than others.  They're all good - although in all honesty I find the checkpoints on the Race mode rather finickity (I like to be able to go off-road a bit without being penalised too much).  Wrecking Match is a blast (quite literally), Hold the Flag and Pass the Bomb are two sides of the same coin and both good run, Bomb Run is what it sounds like and Test Drive lets you do pretty much what you want.

Stunt Show is where the game really shines for me - my kids also love it, both playing and watching - it's one of things you can have a great time doing whether you're good at it or not.  My 6 year-old got the hang of looping the loop quite quickly and it's always fun to hold down the turbo boost and fly off a ramp.  All good stuff.  

Then there are the mini games - Long Jump (like the ski jump but, er, without skis, and in a car),Vehicle Blast and Checkpoint Chase modes.  Also there's a career mode which is well voice-acted and gives you a good set of different challenges, as well as the option to earn money and upgrade your car or buy new ones.

Oh, of course, there is online multiplayer too, a built-in track editor, and everything is fully moddable with what seems like quite a busy community...

So, it's a quality game with lots of content, and while you may not love every game mode, there's sure to be at least a couple that really engage you.  I would also like to give Crashday: Redline Edition a shout-out for being one of a very small number of my games on Steam that actually fully support my game controller (possibly it being a cheap and cheerful one doesn't help, but Crashday has no problems with it at all, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of my games).

If you like driving games with a lot of variety to them, you can't go wrong with this one.  Available on Steam for £8.99.

(A rather similar game - better in terms of pure racing action but with less variety and missing the stunt tracks - is Gas Guzzlers Extreme.)

I've made quite a few videos of this particular game so here they are below:

The first Career Mode challenge:

I was finally careful enough to win an actual race...

Messing about on a Stunt Track:

STILL Messing about on a Stunt Track:

Capture the Flag mode:

The Long Jump (I found out later that I should have used the Boost whilst in midair too):

Last but by no means least, in Test Drive mode I saw some chimney stacks - so of course I had to see if I could drive up the inside and out the top!

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Strategy MMO, Space Wars Launches via Steam Early Access

PHOENIX - Dec. 8, 2017 - Space Wars: Interstellar Empires, the free-to-play turn-based strategy MMO from Desert Owl Games, is out now for PC and Mac via Steam Early Access.

Melding the turn-based combat with the real-time interstellar travel, Space Wars allows players to take part in a raging battle between four great space empires vying for galactic domination.

Wage war in one of more than 250 distinctive ships by managing a diverse crew, balancing power the vessel's systems (propulsion, weapons, sensors, and shields), and choosing the correct moment to use powerful special abilities in a persistent universe supporting thousands of players and up to 40-player skirmishes.

"We're excited to finally welcome players into the Space Wars: Interstellar Empiresuniverse with today's Steam Early Access release," said the title's producer and creator Hooman Simyar. "Realizing this project has been a dream come true and we look forward to bringing it to even greater heights with our community as we continue to develop new campaigns and features."

Accompanied by a short novel, the first two parts of which are currently available, Space Wars features the first of several massive and engaging galactic campaigns currently in development. Written by Simyar and narrated and illustrated by the team at Desert Owl, Space Wars will allow players near limitless choice towards how their faction with conquer the universe while providing a rich and astonishingly polished overarching storyline to its initial campaign.

As additional features and campaigns are developed, players will have hundreds of ships to choose from, additional in-game tactical features, and new playable factions to align with.
For more information on Space Wars: Interstellar Empiresplease visit the official website.

About the Producer

Founded by Hooman Simyar in 2014, his project was to create a competitive turn-based strategy experience developed within rich, engaging worlds, capable of enthralling fans both in and outside the game. Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is the company's debut project.

About Desert Owl Games

Desert Owl Games was founded in 2011 by Arthur Griffith and Justin Felker, two of the three original creators of the still popular decade old MMO CCG Pox Nora. Desert Owl Games' objective is to design immersive fantasy worlds with turn-based gameplay.

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Grab your copy of Shadowhand, now on sale!

SHADOWHAND, the new indie card-battling adventure game set in 18th century England, is now on sale for Windows and OSX.

Buy this week on Steam to enjoy a launch discount of 10%! The regular price is $14.99, or equivalent in your local currency.


Shadowhand is a strategic RPG card game. Duel powerful enemies with unique solitaire-style turn-based combat. Build mini-decks and equip your character strategically to sneak, slice and blast through foes!

Set in late 18th century England, we follow the story of Lady Cornelia Darkmoor, a beguiling young aristocrat who masquerades as the notorious highwaywoman, Shadowhand. Fleeing a crime scene and forced to act under the cover of darkness, Shadowhand's mission to safeguard a woman she holds dear leads to a web of corruption, smuggling and blackmail.


Combining an historical visual novel narrative with a card-driven RPG, Shadowhand's story spans 22 chapters of atmospheric locations including stormy coastlines, mysterious woods and gloomy manors. Featuring over 150 levels of elegant and intense single-player card action, players must dodge the law and brawl with outlaws in turn-based combat, gaining experience to customize their character and collect new weapons, gear and loot.

In addition to Steam, Shadowhand is also available to purchase from GOG, The Humble Store and direct from the publisher's website at

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Party Platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse Coming to PS4 Dec. 12

MONTREAL - Dec. 6, 2017 - Ultimate Chicken Horse, the critically-acclaimed party platformer where friends build the level as they play, makes the jump to PlayStation 4 on December 12th, with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ coming soon after.

After over 450k copies sold on PC, more than 200M views on YouTube and an IGF design nomination, Clever Endeavour Games will give console players the chance to experience what EuroGamer called "an early frontrunner for Game of the Year."

The console release will coincide with the Elephantastic Update, a massive addition of new content for all platforms featuring a brand new Elephant character, new Jungle Temple and Volcano levels, new platforms and traps, as well as an exciting new game mode.

In Challenge Mode, players can build, save, and share custom platforming levels with their friends and with the world, competing on global leaderboards for best times. A level discovery system will allow players to find trending levels, categorize them by difficulty, or find levels that friends have made.

For more information, please see the Clever Endeavour blog post with details on the upcoming new content.
In Ultimate Chicken Horse, friends construct stages as they play, placing deadly traps before trying to reach the end of the level. If an animal can make it but their friends cannot, the one who reaches the end scores points! Play online or locally and experiment with a wide variety of platforms to find new ways to mess with friends.


 - Play with friends online and locally
 - Alternate between strategic block placement and twitch control platforming
 - Select from a huge library of blocks to create an infinite variety of levels
 - Discover locations such as the Farm, Iceberg, Dance Party, Pyramids and more
 - Create, save, and share custom levels
 - Challenge friends to beat your levels in Challenge Mode, with global leaderboards
 - Play as a chicken, horse, sheep, and other wonderful animals
 - Fun, cartoony art style
 - Sweet funky soundtrack
About Clever Endeavour Games

Clever Endeavour Games is a young Montreal-based studio dedicated to crafting quality games for PC and consoles. It prides itself on its responsiveness to the community and its commitment to work-life balance.

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