Thursday, 30 November 2017

MidBoss Patch 1.2 Adds Inventory Improvements, Customization Options and More

ST. LOUIS – Nov. 27, 2017 – MidBoss, the traditional roguelike with possession mechanics from Kitsune Games, has been updated with a major patch introducing many quality of life changes such as inventory management improvements, game customization options and more.

A host of improvements to the inventory system in version 1.2 enable the imp to expand its inventory with additional slots, stack potions and tomes, or salvage items into scrap to sell later. An item shortcut bar keeps the most important tomes and potions right at the imp’s fingertips. The interface now allows the imp to favorite items, preventing accidental scrapping or sales, and items can be blessed or identified quickly and easily.

Additional game modes include 1UP Mode, which gives players several lives to beat the game with, and Narrative Mode, which offers inifinite respawns and permanent buffs to make the game easier for those who simply want to see all MidBoss has to offer. New hazard boosts for New Game+ and game length options round out the expansion of gameplay types, offering ample ways to play for all levels of desired challenge.

“This patch brings a lot of changes players have been asking for since MidBoss’ release,” said Emma “Eniko” Maassen, founder, Kitsune Games. “We’ve added things dedicated roguelike fans have been asking for, like potion throwing, while improving the overall experience so that even those less familiar with traditional roguelikes can get into the genre.”

Patch 1.2 also introduces the long-awaited potion throwing system, allowing the imp to test unidentified potions on others instead of risking its own life. The legendary Alchemist’s Manual grants a splash effect for thrown potions to whoever wields it.

Other additions include new monster abilities and the enhancement of some weapons to inflict status effects like burning and poison. Fast travel allows the imp to backtrack more easily. Faster combat animation options allow the imp to progress more swiftly. Last but not least, a mysterious floppy disk item now grants access to MidOS.

MidBoss is a turn-based, strategic roguelike about a lowly imp’s quest to become the final boss of a dungeon. The imp must use its power to possess other creatures and master their abilities. Only by delving down into the depths of the dungeon and climbing the ladder of power can the imp rise above the meanies that make its life miserable.

MidBoss is available for Windows, Mac and Linux via SteamHumble Store and for $14.99 USD. 

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