Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My Time at Portia - Alpha Trailer

At the start of October Team17 signed enchanting sandbox simulation RPG My Time at Portia by China based independent developer Pathea Games to their label.  My Time at Portia is inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud 2 and Studio Ghibli - and looks to me to have a lot in common with a game my daughter absolutely adores, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles.

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Friday, 27 October 2017

ARELITE CORE: LLEANA'S JOURNEY free update available now

ARELITE CORE: LLEANA'S JOURNEY continues the story of Lleana as she finds herself alone against the soldiers of Boreale, bent on reviving the ancient entity Talameq. Discover, new locations, characters and monsters as the spacii must find her way back to her friends. Facing numerous challenges on her own, it's up to you to help her rise against adversity. And for those seeking more genuine old school gameplay, try the new grind mode, featuring increased difficulty and enemy encounters, available for the core are and the expansion. And to celebrate the occasion, developers Dragon Slumber are discounting the game by 50%.

Features Lleana's journey

  • Brand new adventure starring Lleana the spacii
  • New ally joining LLeana in battle
  • Conquer over a dozen new monsters
  • Overcome three new terrifying bosses
  • Forge your legacy with grind mode
Features Arelite Core
  • Live a 20 hour cinematic story driven adventure
  • Customise your heroes with unique stances and techniques
  • Battle legions of fully animated monsters
  • Forge unique master weapons and armor
  • Immerse yourself with an amazing retro styled soundtrack
  • Discover a plethora of secrets, collectables to gather, secret bosses to fight and find the famous developer room
  • Play with a completely custom game engine, with advanced interactions and visual effects
  • Relive the glory days of JRPGs as you remember them
You can find out more about the game by going to: http://arelitecore.com/

Founded in early 2013 to work on Arelite Core, Dragon Slumber is composed of a single member, Kevin Giguère, who fills in most of the roles necessary for proper game creation, from writing and design, to programming, to production and marketing. Further work such as visuals and music composition is done contractually.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Near Dawn - Kickstarter

A Near Dawn is a charmingly devastating psychological thriller with amusing highs, gut-wrenching crashes, and mature themes - produced by Far-off Daydream Games. The story is one part darkness and two parts humour!

When Seattle-based attorney, Sam Nichols - a victim to some disturbing psychological difficulties - takes on an important new case, he finds himself exposed to progressively dire circumstances that threaten to unravel his reality and destroy those closest to him. With his mentor's firm on the brink of collapse, Sam will have to take on a ruthless multinational corporation being protected by some of the vilest people imaginable. The odds already seem out of favor, but you will soon learn that things were never as they appeared - as an even deeper conspiracy begins to emerge. Where will you find yourself if you keep untangling the threads to this mystery? You must be brave to uncover the truth! Our Prologue introduces some of the key characters, the setting (Downtown, Seattle), and hints at the challenges coming ahead, stopping just short of telling you exactly what to expect. The case seems typical. It isn't. One of the concepts for this project was to start from the present day, reality as we know it, and progress down a deep well of psychological, even supernatural mysteries.

This game is inspired by traditional adventure titles like the Broken SwordBlackwell, and Ace Attorney series, as well as darker stories such as Steins;Gate and even Twin Peaks.

  • Gorgeous artwork rendered in 1080HD
  • Immersive cinematics with some illustrated frame-by-frame animation
  • Fully voiced audio by exceptionally talented actors
  • Beautiful original soundtrack
  • Point and Click interface with puzzles to resolve
  • Psychological tension - the main character is psychologically vulnerable and can give in to his dark side depending on your decisions, altering the course of your interactions with others
  • Multiple endings - your successes or failures can take you off course from the true ending

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for more details or to pledge.

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Beast Mode: Origins

Beast Mode: Origins is a story driven martial arts beat em up game in which you take control of the protagonist Adil. Adil has had his mother killed and his wife and sister kidnapped. Worse of all he has been framed for the murder. The media accuse him of the murder. Now he has the police after him as well.

He must find who is behind this, clear his name and stop them – whoever it is.

IRF Media, the developers who previously brought you Ginger Roll, plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Beast Mode: Origins around the end of  November 2017.  I'll keep you posted.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Run-and-Gun your ice-cool escape from "ICEBOX: Speedgunner"

Developer Games Of Edan has announced that ICEBOX: Speedgunner will be coming to Steam on 18th October 2017. The Steam store page is now available for wish-listing with a shiny new trailer and live on-stage demonstration. To celebrate it's launch, the game will be 10% off during it's opening week starting Oct 18th.

PRICE: $9.99USD (Launch discount 10%)

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Classic Turn-based Tactical RPG

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a story-driven tactical RPG, set in a fantasy world with a touch of steampunk. It features a deep class system, intricate character customization and classic strategic gameplay.

Fell Seal is often dubbed the spiritual successor to classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. It takes a lot of inspiration from these great titles but brings its own improvements and additions to the genre.

Fell Seal boasts a slew of features, including 20+ classes, 200+ abilities, 240+ pieces of gear and 40+ different gorgeous environments with full elevation and topology. We're aiming at a 25-35 hours normal playthrough, with 10+ hours of optional end-game content.

It's being developed by 6 Eyes Studio, a husband and wife gamedev team.  Go and give the Kickstarter Page a look!

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