Saturday, 2 September 2017

Review - Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Now this review has been a long time coming as I've not had a decent PC until recently, and you need something at least half decent to run Gas Guzzlers Extreme at a decent frame rate.  It as released way back in October 2013, so probably rates as my most delayed review ever!

Anyway, this is a racing game that delivers high octane thrills, and different game modes that allow you to purely race or to quite literally destroy the opposition.   The graphics are great, the hard rock soundtrack is awesome, and the gameplay is smooth and responsive, and there are multiple difficulty levels to suit every player.  The game features a massive number of features that are unlocked as you perform well in races - new game mode, sponsored events, tournaments, along with new cars and upgrades to buy.  Even in single-player mode this will keep you happy for a long time.

Of course for many the online multiplayer mode is a real draw, and since the game's quite old now, finding opponents might be tricky (I personally haven't tried it, I've got too many new games on my review list to get to!).  A quick browse of the Steam forums however reveals that there are still active players if you care to go and look for them.

If you like racing games with an extra layer of aggression, you really can't go wrong with Gas Guzzlers Extreme.  It is always (sorry about the next 3 words) fast and furious.  In the extreme. 

Available on Steam.

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