Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cyberpunk adventure game Technobabylon now out on iPhone & iPad

Ever feel like you're living in a dystopian society where the government has gone off the rails and your every move is being watched? Technobabylon is the game for you. :)

Just released as a Universal App for iPhone and iPad, Technobabylon is a $4.99 USD download (or equivalent in local currency) from indie developer James Dearden and Wadjet Eye Games, the most prolific publisher of pixel art adventure games since the Sierra and LucasArts days. Technobabylon originally released on Steam in May 2015 and quickly became one of Wadjet Eye's best selling and best reviewed adventures.

About Technobabylon
City of Newton, 2087. CEL agents Charlie Regis and Max Lao are investigating a serial Mindjacker who is tapping into the neural wiring of seemingly ordinary citizens, stealing their knowledge and leaving them dead. An agoraphobic net addict named Latha Sesame might be the next target. But when Charlie's past comes back to haunt him, he and his partner find themselves on opposite sides of the law, with Latha's fate in the crossfire. 

Blade Runner meets Police Quest in Technobabylon, a slick point & click adventure that blends past and future with its retro-styled pixel art and intense cyberpunk plotline. Technobabylon sets you loose in a world where 'wetware' wires people directly to the web, where the cerebral online Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, where the city's omnipresent AI, Central, has eyes on everyone and everything -- a world that could be ours sooner than we think.

App Store page 

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