Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summer Slow Jams: A game jam for each month of summer

Summer Slow Jams is a collection of 3 game jams in June, July and Aug hosted by PIGSquad! Participants from around the globe are encouraged to enter.
Each jam will focus on a different technical challenge and a creative theme will be revealed soon after the jam starts.
Do you live near Portland, Oregon? Don't miss the on-site opening and closing events. Learn more

Gadgets: June 16 - 26

Make a game that doubles as a gadget! Enhance your idea for a tool or device with the things that make games great!
View Gadgets Jam

Performance: July 14 - 27

Make a game that focuses on an audience watching or interacting with the player!
View Performance Jam

VR/AR: Aug 6 - 17

Make a virtual reality or augmented reality game!
View VR/AR Jam

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