Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Minotaur: a point and click visual novel (Kickstarter)

Minotaur is a story-driven game with a mature story in dark mystery genre.  It has a non-linear narrative with multiple endings — which one you get depends on your actions and choices.  Despite Minotaur using a visual novel format to deliver its story, the game's not text heavy. We rely on visuals as much as dialogue, and if you wish to discover more, you're free to explore the environments.

Sound interesting to you?  It's currently seeking support on Kickstarter.

So... you can apparently play one of the penguins from Surf's Up.  Interesting!
Minotaur has already been Greenlit, and there's a playable demo (approx. 1 hour of game time) available for PC and Mac from GameJolt, IndieDB and Itch.io.

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