Monday, 24 April 2017

Bevontule, Tactical JRPG, On Greenlight

Multithreaded Games have recently started a Greenlight campaign for their tactical turn-based RPG, Bevontulet.  Bevontule is inspired by the JRPG and tactical games of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  They’ve incorporated and expanded on many of the mechanics of our favorite childhood games while writing a mature character-driven story spanning thousands of years

(Watch the trailer below - this game looks very impressive!)

Key Features:
  • Mature and highly-detailed plot spanning thousands of years, inspired by games like Xenogears and Shadow Hearts.
  • Unique and challenging tactical, turn-based combat system where proper positioning and timing are critical.
  • Beautiful 3D environments to discover, explore and conquer, including a massive, JRPG-style overworld.
  • Free-roaming enemies with a wide variety of movement patters, behaviors and habitats; avoid or engage at you own discretion!
  • Unrelenting and highly intelligent enemy AI that can be scaled to various difficulty levels.
  • A large cast of interesting characters with defined roles, yet deeply customizable skillsets, with multiple builds for each combatant.
  • Enemies learn and level up as you do, accessing new skills, tactics and other ‘enhancements’.
  • Unlock, learn and equip from hundreds of combat skills, attribute bonuses, and word-based buffs.
  • Scavenge, create and upgrade items with our original skill-based crafting system.
  • Integrated bestiary system that rewards discovery, experimentation and exploitation of enemies for rewards
  • Loads of side-quests, optional bosses/area, and minigames.
What are you waiting for?  Head over to the game's Greenlight page!

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