Friday, 17 March 2017

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I & II

Herald is a choice-driven adventure set on colonial tides. Board the HLV Herald and uncover its dark secrets in an intriguing tale about tyranny and servitude.

Really like the look of this one though sadly won't be able to review it for now as it's 64-bit OS only, and my current lousy cheap reconditioned PC is 32-bit and I have no money.  But still, it looks lovely, so feel free to check it out as long as you're not sadly with a 32-bit OS! :-D

Herald plays as a mix between a point-and-click adventure and a visual novel; a game in whichyour choices influence the story, with a ‘period drama-esque’ setting inspired by the 19th century. The game features a diverse cast of 13 fully voiced characters and 3000+ lines of dialogue.

Available now on SteamHumble StoreItch.Io and GOG!  Supported formats are Windows, MacOS and Linux - 64-bit versions obviously.

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