Friday, 31 March 2017

Formula Fusion unveils full lineup of tracks and craft ahead of launch

Middlesbrough, UK - 30 March 2017. Independent developer R8 Games today revealed the final track and craft lineup for its Kickstarter-funded anti-gravity combat racer Formula Fusion. Currently on Early Access and heading for a full Steam launch in Q2, the game’s final lineup will feature 8 tracks, 5 customisable craft types and 10 teams. Tracks will feature night, day and reverse versions bringing the total number of playable track variants to 30. Players will be able to choose from a roster of 5 craft, each with their own distinctive handling and combat characteristics to satisfy every racing style.

Formula Fusion is set in the grim near-future world of competitive AG combat racing. The game pits players against each other to become the best of the best elite pilots in the W.A.R. (World Anti-Gravity Racing) leagues. Complete with teams and sponsors, Formula Fusion features extensive vehicle customisation so that players can tweak and refine their load-outs to optimise performance, blast their opponents off the track and shave milliseconds off lap times.

Designed to bring the high-speed thrills of anti-gravity racing to next generation platforms, Formula Fusion blends incredible Unreal 4 engine powered visuals with an original dubstep soundtrack from composer Leon Switch ( The game’s extensive lore and key design elements have been developed by Ian Anderson and his iconic design agency The Designers Republic ( Gamers will instantly recognise The Designers Republic signature styling cues from their high profile work on the genre defining Wipeout racing series. The game is also helmed by veteran developer Andrew Walker who worked on Wipeout 3 for Psygnosis Leeds.

Formula Fusion’s launch will also feature competitive multiplayer and there are plans to continually add more features including vehicles, skins, tracks, music, play modes and more after launch.

Final Track Lineup

Set in old town Manhattan, this track is a gritty urban track with contrasting neon signs and pouring rain. A technical track with sweeping bends demanding a tight racing line. 

This track is located just outside El Paso, in a no-man's land, in-between the USA and Mexico border. It features steep drops and long, fast straights through a migrant shanty town. 

A desert track set in Monument Valley, featuring mag-locked inverted bends and challenging snake runs.

Set in a deserted city in the Midwest, this track is wide and forgiving, with a focus on speed.

A jump themed track set around a sprawling Freeway intersection. Jumps are spaced out with a mixture of tight controlled bends and long, sweeping curves.

A rusting shipyard in the Gulf of Mexico that offers chicanes, strategic narrows and a featured loop.

Set high up above the city scape around the iconic Torres Towers this track features D Bends and a vertical maglocked pipe amongst the clouds.

A long, water themed track set around Horseshoe Falls with tight, twisting sections and plunging bends. The track also features surface water and an underground tunnel section.

Final Vehicle lineup

A solid craft with no weaknesses and a decent acceleration, good for newer pilots.

Improvements to steering and flaps to help it navigate tricky tracks with ease, perfect for finding the ideal line around corners and  hills. 

A strengthened body and extra shields; this is the heavyweight of AG racing, built for ramming and taking blasts.

With greater hydraulics there is an improved air braking capacity allowing fine control. 

All systems tuned for power; this is the craft that will leave others in its trails, if you can handle it.

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thimbleweed Park now available for Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux

THIMBLEWEED PARK - March 30, 1987 - The Thimbleweed Park Sheriff has formally closed the ongoing investigation into the dead body under the bridge citing lack of evidence, dwindling interest, and a desire to get home by 8:00pm to watch wrestling.

The murder victim is believed to be a European visitor with no ties to the local community. The unsolved murder is the latest in a series of suspicious events that include the sudden death of town founder Chuck Edmund and the mysterious disappearance of his brother, Franklin.

In the course of the investigation, the Thimbleweed Park Sheriff's Department raised suspicions about two uninvited federal agents, disgraced entertainer Ransome the Clown, and pillow factory heiress Delores Edmund. Though their involvement has not been definitively ruled out, the Sheriff today insisted he sees no reason to waste further resources on a "dead-end-a-reno case."

"Dead body? What dead body?" the Sheriff blurted when pressed for comment, conspicuously looking over his shoulder.

Game developers Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, and David Fox, who have been camping out in Thimbleweed Park since the body was found, are questioning the Sheriff's motives. "This town is hiding a secret, a big one. When we came close to uncovering it, that's when the locals stopped cooperating," Fox said from the show floor at ThimbleCon '87, which is taking place this weekend at the Edmund Hotel.

"We thought raising funds on Kickstarter and embedding ourselves in Thimbleweed Park would give us answers. But two years later, we're only left with more questions," added Winnick. "Why are the signals so strong out here? How come the phone book has 3,000 names in a town with only 80 people? None of these nutjobs even care about the dead body!"

With officials stonewalling the murder investigation and the crowdfunded project drawing to a close, the developers of the Thimbleweed Park video game are now appealing to more than 18,000 backers, as well as countless others who are intrigued by the strange happenings in Thimbleweed Park, to take over.

"Gary, David, and I have spent two years of our *beeping* lives trying to get to the bottom of this," said Ron 'Grumpy Gamer' Gilbert. "You want to know what's going on with the dead body? You want the truth about Thimbleweed Park? Then get down here and start pointing and clicking. This game isn't going to play itself."

To participate in the Thimbleweed Park murder investigation, visit SteamGOGXbox One, or the Mac App Store today. More details can be found at

About Thimbleweed Park
In Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems. Switch between five playable characters to uncover the surreal secrets of this strange town in a modern mystery adventure game from the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. The deeper you go, the weirder it gets. Kickstarted in 2014 and developed with the invaluable support of more than 18,000 backers, Thimbleweed Park is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One, with iOS and Android versions coming soon.

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Sumo Digital Make Hiss-tory: Snake Pass Now Available On Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC

March 29th, 2017 - Sheffield, United Kingdom - Independent developer Sumo Digital, the studio behind AAA blockbusters Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed and LittleBigPlanet 3, today announced that Snake Pass, its slithery physics platformer, is out now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, Nintendo Switch™ and PC. Priced at $19.99/€19.99/£15.99, Snake Pass is a retro-inspired platformer, where players slither, curl and climb their way through increasingly challenging worlds filled with intricate obstacles and fiendishly mind-bending challenges.

“Almost one year on from its debut at EGX Rezzed, Snake Pass is available now on consoles and PC”, said Seb Liese, creator of Snake Pass. “I really hope that Noodle and Doodle’s puzzle platforming adventure resonates with players - it’s a whole new way of looking at a 3D platformer, with a super fun and unique control scheme.”

“As our first internally incubated property, I’m very proud of what this team has achieved. Developing our own characters and self-publishing Snake Pass, has been a hugely rewarding experience for the studio,” said Paul Porter, COO of Sumo Digital. “We have worked hard to launch on all platforms, to make sure that as many gamers as possible can try out our labour of love simultaneously.”

Snake Pass is available now on Nintendo Switch via the eShop, Xbox One via the Xbox Games Store, PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store and PC via Steam or the Windows Store. Snake Pass supports HDR on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, for players with an HDR compatible TV.

When a mysterious intruder threatens the tranquillity of their home, it’s up to Noodle the Snake and Doodle the Hummingbird to embark on a daring journey to save the day. Controlling this dynamic duo, you must ‘think like a snake’ and slither, curl and climb your way through 15 levels across 4 increasingly challenging themed worlds. Snake Pass is a unique take on the platforming genre that is intuitive and fun to learn, but will gradually test your snake charming skills to the limit!

To visit the official Snake Pass website visit:
Follow Snake Pass & Sumo Digital on Twitter: @Snake_Pass & @SumoDigitalLtd
Like Snake Pass on Facebook:

About Sumo Digital
Based in Sheffield and Nottingham in the United Kingdom and Pune in India, Sumo Digital employs 360 staff developing successful games across all platforms and genres.  Recognised for its versatility, proprietary technology, creativity and high Metacritic, Sumo Digital’s portfolio of games includes LittleBigPlanet 3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, Forza Horizon 2 – Fast & Furious and Disney Infinity 3.0. The studio is also developing Dead Island 2 (Deep Silver) and Crackdown 3, in collaboration with Reagent and Microsoft. 

The sensitive, creative and intelligent use of licensed IP has become one of Sumo’s core competencies. At the 2013 Tiga Game Awards Sumo won Best Arcade Game (Large Studio) and Outstanding Leadership Awards. In 2015 Sumo won a prestigious DICE award for ‘Best Family Game’ and 3 gongs at the Tiga Awards for ‘Best Social Game’ (LittleBigPlanet 3), UK Heritage Award and Outstanding Individual Award for CEO Carl Cavers. In 2016 TIGA also awarded ‘Independent Studio (Large)’ to Sumo.  For more information visit: Sumo

© 2017 Sumo Digital Ltd. All rights reserved. 'Snake Pass' and the 'Snake Pass' logo are trade marks or registered trade marks of Sumo Digital Ltd.

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Tribeca Games Festival Set to Debut at Tribeca Film Festival

New York, NY [March 29, 2017] – Tribeca Games and Kill Screen have partnered to launch the Tribeca Games Festival, an event that will bring together New York City’s passionate gaming community to examine where games have been and what comes next in the race to innovate in the world’s most popular medium. Sitting at the intersection of games, entertainment and culture, the festival will include behind-the-scenes looks back at some of the most fascinating games of the past year, and conversations with cultural leaders and game industry insiders, including a conversation with legendary game creator,Hideo Kojima. The inaugural Tribeca Games Festival will take place April 28-29 during the Tribeca Film Festival at The Tribeca Festival Hub at Spring Studios. Tickets are on sale now at  The Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T, runs April 19-30.

Hideo Kojima is widely celebrated as the godfather of the stealth action game genre, having created theMetal Gear franchise 30 years ago this July. He was awarded the Game Developers Choice Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2009, inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science’s Hall of Fame in February 2016 and, most recently received The Game Awards’ Industry Icon Award this past December. Hideo Kojima leads a robust schedule of conversations to take place at the Festival, including additional keynote conversations given by Quantum BreakAlan Wake and Max Payne creator Sam Lake and BioShock director/writer Ken Levine, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of virtual reality-themed movie The Lawnmower Man with filmmaker Brett Leonard, principal filmmaker for VR at Google Jessica Brillhart and Cy Wise from Job Simulator's Owlchemy Labs, and discussions with developers of recent and upcoming games such as OverwatchThe Banner SagaFirewatchThe Stanley Parable, Watch Dogs 2What Remains of Edith Finch and several more.

The festival will kick off with the New York premiere of Telltale Games’ first-ever crowd play of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale series, Episode 1 and a concert headlined by British electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa. Fresh off a Coachella performance, Mura Masa will light up the Tribeca Festival Hub at Spring Studios with the sounds of the future, bringing his Billboard-topping music to an audience of over 500.

“Five years ago, Tribeca was the first film festival to welcome gaming to the official program. Since then, we’ve continued to support the storytellers who have propelled it to become the world’s most popular and growing medium,” said Jane Rosenthal, co-founder and Executive Chair of the Tribeca Film Festival. “Through Tribeca Games, with Kill Screen, we will create a can’t-miss event that will bring together the most creative and innovative creators, thought leaders, and insiders from the gaming world and beyond.”

The Tribeca Games Festival program includes “X Post Conversations,” a series of cross-cultural conversations, each pairing a creator from the gaming community with someone of equal stature from an outside field; “Retro Active,” a series of talks that take a look back on some of the greatest titles from 2016, exploring every element from art, design and sound to storytelling; “Sneak Peeks,” previews of new and unreleased work from some of the most dynamic independent game studios from around the world, and an interactive arcade allowing attendees to get hands-on with new and unreleased games. Full details about all confirmed sessions and participants can be found now at  Additional speakers and game titles will be announced soon.

“The Tribeca Games Festival in partnership with Kill Screen will bring tech thinkers, fans, and interactive makers together with New York’s massive games and interactive community for a marquee program dedicated to the medium of play,” said Jamin Warren, founder of Kill Screen.

Tickets for the Tribeca Games Festival are $40 and will go on sale on today, March 29, 2017 Tickets for opening night are sold separately for $30.  A limited amount of tickets that include an entry window for Tribeca Immersive, the Tribeca Film Festival’s event for virtual reality and interactive installations, will also be available for $70.

In 2011, Tribeca was the first film festival to welcome gaming to the official program with the World Premiere of L.A. Noire, a detective-based Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3) game. It has continued to support artists in the gaming world with the premiere of Beyond: Two Souls, a PS3 fantasy role-playing game led by Oscar® nominee Ellen Page (2013); a panel series on innovation and storytelling in gaming with League of Legends’ designers, artists, producers, and musicians (2015); a partnership with Games for Change that illustrated how new and innovative platforms can serve the social good with participants including Morgan Spurlock, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn (A Path Appears), Chief Scientist of Oculus VR Michael Abrash, and the developers of Rovio’s blockbuster mobile game Angry Birds (2015, 2016); and more.

The Tribeca Games Festival program follows:
A celebration of games, play and interactivity set to the music of British electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa, who inspires game makers and players globally, and an exclusive Telltale crowdplay experience


Intimate conversations some of the top game creators on the future of games and storytelling.

Hideo Kojima
The legendary creator of the Metal Gear franchise, on what’s next for him and the influences of cinema on his work.

Ken Levine
Director and Writer of the BioShock series, Levine reflects on his two decades in videogames and the legacy his work has created for interactive story-telling.

Sam Lake
The creator of Max PayneAlan Wake and Quantum Break, on his unique approach to storytelling in games.

Cross-cultural conversations, pairing a creator of the gaming community with leading artists and filmmakers.

Winslow Porter, Milica Zec and Tracy Fullerton
Virtual reality directors Winslow Porter and Milica Zec and Director of USC’s Game Innovation LabTracy Fullerton discuss how to create real-world environmental awareness in digital worlds

Ian Dallas
Giant Sparrow's creative director Ian Dallas takes the stage to discuss his upcoming game, What Remains of Edith Finch. Combining a family drama with famous supernatural Japanese tales, he will discuss how creators are making mysticism relevant to the modern world.

Robin Hunicke with Maureen Fan
Robin Hunicke, founder of indie studio Funomena, and Baobab Studios CEO Maureen Fan show how to create delight and joy in VR

By breaking down each title piece by piece – exploring every element from art, design and sound to storytelling – we take a look back on the some of the greatest titles from 2016.

Firewatch / Campo Santo
The Firewatch team at Campo Santo dissects their award-winning debut with a focus on narrative design with writer and studio director Sean Vanaman.

Overwatch /Michael Chu
Overwatch senior game designer Michael Chu discuss how characters come into being in one of the best-selling PC games of all-time.

The Stanley Parable / Davey Wreden
The Stanley Parable creator Davey Wreden on how he designs virtual spaces that are perfectly suited for his unique narratives and how that’s pushed him to explore the everyday.

The Banner Saga / John Watson
Stoic co-founder John Watson on how classic films like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty inspired the Norse world of The Banner Saga series

Watch Dogs 2 / Jonathan Morin
Watch Dogs 2 creative director Jonathan Morin tackled issues like surveillance, the Silicon Valley housing crisis, and diversity in tech in their ground-breaking title. He’ll talk about how the team built a simulation where everything is connected.


25th Anniversary of The Lawnmower Man + The Past, Present &  Future of VR
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Lawnmower Man, a special conversation on how Lawnmower Man influenced a generation of digital creators and to how capture images of the future with the tools of today with Brett Leonard, director of The Lawnmower Man, Jessica Brillhart, Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google, and Cy Wisefrom Job Simulator's Owlchemy Labs.


A preview of new and unreleased work with some of the most dynamic independent game studios from around the world like Might & Delight, Finji Games, and Giant Sparrow, and additional hands-on play with unreleased and newly-released titles.

The program and panelists are subject to change. For the most updated schedule, please visit

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Experience Cinematic Gaming at Insomnia Gaming Festival 2017

NEC Birmingham, 29 March 2017 – PNY Technologies, a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile accessories, has announced its participation at the UK’s biggest gaming festival – Insomnia at NEC, Birmingham on Saturday, 15 April 2017.

Visit the PNY booth for an immersive gaming experience powered by NVIDIA and for the opportunity to be selected to win your very own PNY GeForce GTX 1080 XLR8 OC Gaming.

“We’re excited to be part of one of the biggest gaming events worldwide. It’s great to see the UK immersed in the gaming industry and we plan to show all attending gamers what a vivid, dynamic gaming experience really looks like,” Oliver Talon, PNY Product Manager.

Delivering a vibrant, real-time, and immersive multimedia experience is key to the gaming industry. Experiencing improved performance becomes possible with the inclusion of the right software applications and visualisation.

Visit PNY Technologies stand at B34 for the opportunity to play and win the PNY GeForce GTX 1080 XRL8 OC Gaming.

For more information, visit the Insomnia website at :

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TheGameCreators launch competition for MyWorld users

TheGameCreators today launched a competition with a top cash prize of $1000 for all users of MyWorld, their new and unique 3D RPG multiplayer sandbox world.

Released on Steam Early Access MyWorld allows you to create, share and play games and has been described by one of the community as "an excellent framework for beginners, MyWorld is like Minecraft for game design".

Anyone can enter the competition and the cash prizes are $1000 for the winner, $250 for second place and $100 for third place. The rules for entry are:
  1. It must be a new and original game built in MyWorld
  2. The game has to be posted on Steam workshop
  3. The game icon has to be posted with the game creators bespoke game icon (ie not the standard workshop skull icon)
  4. The entry must be posted with a thread in the MyWorld Competition discussion thread headed 'Workshop discussion competition' – followed by the name of the game.
The competition closes on 30th April 2017. Entries should be no longer than 20 minutes gameplay and will be judged on gameplay, storyline, level design and enjoyment factor.

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Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead - Europe release

29th March 2017, Barcelona, Spain.  Pixel Bones Studio and EnjoyUp Games announces that Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead will be released on Thursday 30th March 2017 on Nintendo WiiU™ for Europe.

Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead is a game of reflexes in which your mission is to foil the plans of an alien invader that is attempting to conquer the planet from underground. Can you defeat the aliens and save the planet?

To do that, you’ll have to whack the aliens with your hammer as soon as they pop up through the holes. But be careful! You’ll have to be quick, because as soon as they see you, they’ll pounce and try to bite you!

Rediscover the classic Whack-A-Mole with the added diversity of events and extras, such as rock-paper-scissors battles, power ups and much more, making Mutant Alien Moles a challenge for both young and old.  Are you ready?

- Fully tactile
- Power-ups
- A colorful, carefree world
- Stage bosses
- Rock-paper-scissors battles
- Game & Watch style platform stage
- A secret level for more experienced players.

About Pixel Bones Studio
Pixel Bones Studios is a spanish indie game studio. Actually we are divided into teams and make games for mobile devices and PC/Mac.

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Neko Navy Coming Soon to Steam

March 28, 2017 Fruitbat Factory will be publishing a new cat and action-packed title: the shooter Neko Navy by DeathMofuMofu is making its entrance on Steam this spring! 

Flying cats versus 10,000 soothing characters!
What awaits them beyond all those furious midair fights...?
Witness the world's most shocking ending for yourself!

Shoot, evade, and detonate Bombers!
Neko Navy is an exhilarating horizontal-scrolling shooter with easy controls.

The game offers three difficulties that everyone from a beginner to an advanced player can enjoy.  Fire off as many Bombers as you can to achieve high scores!


  • Horizontal single-player shooter

  • 7 Stages

  • 3 Difficulties (EASY, HARD, DEATH)

  • 3 Playable cats +α

  • Soundtrack included

Neko Navy was Greenlit on Steam in January and is expected to release in spring 2017 at the retail price of $10.99. 

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Emotionally-Charged VR Experience FATED: The Silence Oath Available Now on PlayStation®VR

Québec, Canada – March 28th, 2017 – Independent Canadian developer Frima announced today that its Norse-themed storytelling experience and movie-length narrative adventure, FATED: The Silent Oath, is now available on PlayStation®VR (PS VR) across North America and Europe. FATED takes the player on one man’s harrowing quest to protect his family from the destruction of their world at the hands of the gods.
“We are delighted to bring FATED to PS VR,” says Antoinette Thibeault, Marketing Director at Frima. “The immersive, emotionally-charged storyline lends itself very well to virtual reality, and we feel that FATED is a perfect example of how PS VR can transport players into a movie-length story as never before.”
Developed with Unreal Engine 4, FATED is a first-person immersive adventure set in the mythical age of Vikings and built specifically for virtual reality. Written by Jill Murray, a writer on Assassin’s CreedFATED tells the story of a man and his family during Ragnarök – the end times. As he travels with them, he comes across a mix of touching and terrifying events, learning about himself and his loved ones in the process, and taking the players on an emotional rollercoaster that unfolds all around them in total immersion.
FATED harnesses the capabilities of VR to make a great leap forward in immersive storytelling. Featuring high-quality writing, characterization and voice acting, FATED aims to transport players to a world of myth and legend, and make them feel a strong emotional connection with the story and its characters.
Priced at $9.99/£6.99/€9.99, FATED is a first-generation virtual reality game available on all three major VR platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

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