Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tangram Puzzle Will Help Fairytale Characters Continue On Their Journey

Tangram is a type of puzzle made from basic geometric shapes - triangle, square, and parallelogram. While fitting together these various shapes to form a variety of complex shapes, kids can learn about geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills.

Nyu Nyu’s Tangram is more than just a puzzle. It’s an educational tool carefully engineered to help develop critical cognitive skills for the young minds, especially between 3 to 9.

Nyu Nyu’s story progresses as you solve the tasks. Kids can touch, drag and rotate the shapes to complete a puzzle, and unlock a pop-quiz.

The two-tiered puzzle encourages kids to think of creative ways to arrange a complex shape, and also practice their skills with numbers and colors. Each stage gets a little more complex than the previous one, which gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Nyu Nyu’s tangram is in essence an interactive story book. Once you complete each tangram puzzle and solve math quiz, the pieces will transform into an item or character that will help progress the story.

It is designed to encourage kids to continue to higher stages and challenge themselves with even more complex puzzles and math quiz.

There's already a Lite version of the game available for Android.

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