Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Indie Smash Hit The Escapists Coming Soon to iOS and Android

UK – 27th February 2016 – Award-winning games label Team17 and indie dev Mouldy Toof have issued a warning to all inmates. Having already sold over 1.8 million copies, the indie smash hit of 2015 The Escapists, is heading to iOS and Android on the 2nd March.

The award-winning sandbox prison-escape game features 6 uniquely themed prisons to escape from. Escaping won't be easy though. You'll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards!

You’ll need some cash to put your plan in to action. Get a prison job or perform favour requests for your fellow inmates to earn those vital funds. You can then use them to barter with traders for tools and crafting supplies. Just make sure you find a good hiding place for your stash and pay attention during roll call to avoid cell shakedown, you wouldn’t want to lose that coveted shovel you’ve worked so hard to craft together!

The award-winning sandbox prison-escape game features:

  • 6 unique prisons to escape – from the minimal security of Center Perks to the harsh confines of the Stalag Flucht POW camp
  • 6 different methods to bust your way out including digging out and prison takeovers!
  • 10 prison jobs to earn you some vital escape funds. Choose from Laundry, Janitor, Mail Man, Metal Shop, Kitchen, Wood Work, Tailor, Deliveries, Gardener and Library work
  • Crafting system. Gather the necessary items you’ll need to craft items for your escape plan. Craft tools such as Cutters, Shovels, Sheet Ropes and weapons such as the Sock Mace, Comb Blade or Cup of Molten Chocolate!
  • Choose from touch screen or virtual d-pad controls!
  • Leaderboards and Achievements

The Escapists will be available to download on the 2nd March for iOS via the App Store and for Android via the Google Play Store for just £3.99 / $4.99 / 4,99 €.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Brief Battles seeking Steam Greenlight support (wait... isn't your underwear supposed to support YOU?!)

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Feb. 21, 2017 – Juicy Cupcake are planning for a future that allows fighting your friends with super-powered underpants on PC, with their addition of Brief Battles on Steam Greenlight!
The Brief:
May your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles, use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced couch gaming platform fighter!
Conquer your foes with flaming hot pants, buns of steel, toxic tighty whities and more. Brief Battles features over-the-top gameplay, colourful heroes, ridiculous game modes and hilarious combat powers.
Brief Battles is has just been added to Steam Greenlight, along with a new deathmatch gameplay video filled with underpant battling action!
The Features:
  • Equip a variety of super powered underpants during battle to be granted absurd combat powers.
  • Playable heroes are cute, plump, wobbly and agile.
  • Players have a huge amount of control to get around and take down their foes. Using sticky nubs (hands), players can stick to almost any flat surface.
  • Battle in treacherous arenas with vibrant, eye-popping visuals. Arenas feature interactive elements and hazards unique to the region of play.
  • Choose from classic or ridiculous underpant themed game modes. (All modes yet to be announced)
Butt How?
Love of couch games + underpants + sticky cute characters + fully embracing the power of the butt = Brief Battles.
Brief Battles is currently in development around the alpha stage with many unannounced features. We plan on launching Brief Battles as a fully featured game, with continued support and content after launch.
Launch Window:
Brief Battles is coming to PC (Steam?!) in 2018. Additional platforms TBA.
About Juicy Cupcake:
Juicy Cupcake is a two-man indie game dev team based in Adelaide, South Australia. Juicy Cupcake focus on developing games with memorable gameplay, humour and distinctive visuals.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Guard Duty - Point and Click through Time and Space!

"Guard Duty is a point and click adventure game taking place across a rich and diverse fantasy setting. Take control of two protagonists living thousands of years apart, with locations ranging from enchanted forests to dystopian cities of the future. Guard Duty is a game rooted in a Medieval setting, but featuring a unique story where past events drastically influence those of the distant future. The game will be released as a stand-alone title with hundreds of animations, full motion cutscenes and a charming variety of British voice actors." 

Check out this game's Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns.

Versus Evil and Twitch Prime to Offer Subscribers Banner Saga 1 & 2 for FREE

Independent publisher Versus Evil today announced a promotion with Twitch Prime, which gives Twitch Prime members the chance to download and play both The Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 for a limited time for FREE.  The Banner Saga will be available to download between 23-28 February, while Banner Saga 2 will be available between 2-6 March.

Twitch Prime will also donate $1 towards the development of Banner Saga 3, developed by Indie developer Stoic games and published by Versus Evil (up to a maximum of $200,000) for every person who downloads and plays either game through the Twitch Launcher between 23rd February and 6th March.

"Working with the Twitch Prime team has been amazing," said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil. "They are clearly fans of the Banner Saga, which has helped us craft a great value for fans. Their commitment to the Twitch community and their commitment to support indie development with this offer is extremely generous."

Twitch Prime members who download the games during this promotional window will also get exclusive content for Banner Saga 3, which is currently under development. Stoic launched a Kickstarter for Banner Saga 3, the final chapter in the planned trilogy, on 24th January. Funds raised will be used to help make the conclusion to this epic saga even better. The campaign, which funded in just a few days, will end on 7th March.

The Banner Saga is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning tactical RPG where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story and the world around you. Leave your home and strike out on a desperate journey to save your people. Lead your caravan across stunning environments and into war with enemy clans and vicious Dredge soldiers. Build relationships and make choices that will shape the future of your clan as you scramble to survive in this beautiful, bleak world.

Twitch Prime is a set of Amazon Prime benefits created for gamers. Prime members get exclusive discounts on pre-order and new release games, a rotating selection of free digital games and in-game loot, plus a premium experience on Twitch that includes a free Twitch channel subscription every 30 days, ad-free viewing, and exclusive badges, colors, and emotes. Twitch Prime joins the growing list of all-you-can-eat benefits for Amazon Prime members, including unlimited fast, free shipping options, unlimited access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Audible Channels for Prime, Prime Photos, early access to select Lightning Deals, and more. Gamers and Twitch fans can get all the benefits of Twitch Prime by starting a 30-day free trial, while Amazon Prime members can unlock their Twitch Prime benefits by linking their Prime accounts to Twitch at www.twitchprime.com.

To learn more about The Banner Saga Trilogy visit its brand new website at: http://bannersaga.com. To find out more about the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Banner Saga 3 visit: http://bit.ly/bannersaga3

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mini-Review: Kamio Recoil

Kamio Recoil is an interesting game.  Effectively a shmup that looks (and sometimes plays) like a platformer, the key to everything is in the "recoil" part of the title - not only do you shoot to blast away enemies and obstacles, but it's also your only means of propulsion.  This takes ammo usage to a whole new level - run out of ammo completely and you will be stranded, completely unable to move!  (Fortunately you can usually find extra ammo spread fairly generously around the levels).  This brings extra strategy to the proceedings, as does the ability to instantly swap between your 5 heroines at any time - each has different primary and secondary weapons, which each have unique advantages and disadvantages. 

When you complete a level you are taken to a screen to select the next level - there often divergent paths you can follow here - and finally you reach a boss at the end of the stage.  I have to admit that I found this game pretty tough and even the first boss was a major challenge for me - though I don't feel that I'm particularly good at this sort of game, I trust you to know if you are!

The aesthetics were very retro, and this worked nicely for the game.  The controls were responsive, I never found myself cursing the controls, only my own lack of skill at using them!

Kamio Recoil is a game that will appeal pretty specifically to those who like the games retro, challenging and a little bit different.  It's pretty unique - at least I've never seen anything quite like it.  If this sounds like your cup of tea head over to the game's Steam Page.

Trajectory - Upcoming scifi adventure

Trajectory is a first person scifi adventure game that takes place in Earth's orbit, with a dystopian yet whimsical setting. The game has multiple endings, varying playthroughs and a bunch of exotic locations in space and beyond.

Coming next month on Steam for PC and Mac.  Check out the trailer below!

Insomnia60 to stage top music talent for the first time ever

Insomnia60, the UK’s largest gaming festival, which runs over the Easter bank holiday weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, today announced its music evening line up; Years and Years, Chase & Status , Wretch 32 and DJ sets from Disciples and Jaguar Skills. Insomnia, which is 17 this year, has grown into one of the UK’s largest festivals, attracting more than 100,000 people each year. A new partnership with Universal Music’s Island Records will see top artists take the stage alongside the world’s best video gamers and YouTube stars.

18.8 million British 6-64 year olds regularly play video games and Insomnia brings together fans of all ages to play the latest releases, meet pro players and immerse themselves in video games culture.

Andy Smith, Director of The Insomnia Gaming Festival, commented: “Insomnia is now bigger, better and even more exciting. These huge music acts will electrify our live stage in April, as we extend the festival to four days by popular demand and introduce some thrilling new gaming features to our fans.”

Friday night will showcase a number of up-and-coming acts, before the main event on Saturday evening, which will see DJ’ing from Jaguar Skills and Disciples, followed by critically-acclaimed rapper Wretch 32, Years and Years and Chase & Status.

With day tickets available from £25, parents and children will enjoy new zoned areas, including VR, Turn Up and Play, Retro, Indie, Tabletop and general retail. The Expo Hall will allow fans to ‘discover, try and buy’ all that is new in the world of gaming, from the latest consoles through to rare accessories.

Olivia Nunn, Director of Marketing at Island Records, said: “Multiplay is the perfect partner for us to reach the legions of gaming fans across the UK. Video games and music have gone hand-in-hand for decades, with Insomnia providing the ideal stage to showcase a sensational array of emerging and established artists.”

Tickets for a full day at Insomnia60 are priced at £25 per person and are available for purchase at https://www.theticketfactory.com/multiplay/online/

Preview - Ship of Heroes (MMORPG)

I'm not going to say much about this right now, I'll let the videos do the talking!

Barotrauma: 2D co-op submarine simulator in space (now on Greenlight)

Barotrauma is a 2D online co-op submarine game taking place on Jupiter's moon Europa.  The game takes heavy inspiration from a game called Space Station 13. The players join a crew of up to 16 players and try to carry out missions such as salvaging alien artifacts, killing enormous sea creatures and hauling dangerous cargo from outpost to another. The crew won't just have to deal with external threats like the pressure outside the sub or the inhabitants of the ocean, as the submarine itself is a complex contraption with a load of interconnected items and devices which can cause a wide range of non-scripted, dynamic disasters.

The game is currently in alpha stage, although it's already fully playable and has an active and steadily growing fanbase. Full release on Steam is estimated for late 2017, but until then, developers Undertow Games will keep releasing in-development versions of the game for free.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tangram Puzzle Will Help Fairytale Characters Continue On Their Journey

Tangram is a type of puzzle made from basic geometric shapes - triangle, square, and parallelogram. While fitting together these various shapes to form a variety of complex shapes, kids can learn about geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills.

Nyu Nyu’s Tangram is more than just a puzzle. It’s an educational tool carefully engineered to help develop critical cognitive skills for the young minds, especially between 3 to 9.

Nyu Nyu’s story progresses as you solve the tasks. Kids can touch, drag and rotate the shapes to complete a puzzle, and unlock a pop-quiz.

The two-tiered puzzle encourages kids to think of creative ways to arrange a complex shape, and also practice their skills with numbers and colors. Each stage gets a little more complex than the previous one, which gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Nyu Nyu’s tangram is in essence an interactive story book. Once you complete each tangram puzzle and solve math quiz, the pieces will transform into an item or character that will help progress the story.

It is designed to encourage kids to continue to higher stages and challenge themselves with even more complex puzzles and math quiz.

There's already a Lite version of the game available for Android.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Venture into the Surreal World of The Gardens Between in Q4 2017

Melbourne, Australia - Feb. 15, 2017 - The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzle game from The Voxel Agents where two best friends explore a surreal world of mysterious gardens, will launch on Steam for Windows and Mac in Q4 2017.

Take control of time to move Arina and Frendt towards strange beacons that ignite stars and form constellations. Each completed constellation illuminates a defining moment in their friendship, revealing a bittersweet story.

The vibrant world of lush gardens grow around objects from Arina and Frendt's past, forming curious combinations of time and imagination. The Gardens Between features a rich and colorful art style depicting a fantastical world that draws inspiration from contemporary illustration, landscape design and architecture. The soundtrack compliments the abstract environment with intimate, atmospheric melodies.

"The Gardens Between will embark on a thought provoking and emotional journey," said Simon Joslin, co-founder, The Voxel Agents. "Each puzzle in this dream-like world unfolds towards the real story of Arina, Frendt and the world around them. We wanted to tell a story that is true in its depiction of friendship and growing up."

For more information, please visit The Gardens Between's official website.

About The Voxel Agents

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, The Voxel Agents was founded in 2009 by Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark and Tom Killen to create games that kindle curiosity with a passion for highly focused gameplay. 
Previous achievements include their hit release Train Conductor, followed byTrain Conductor 2 USA and Puzzle Retreat, totaling over 7 million global players for the Train Conductor franchise.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bear With Me: Episode 2 Releases Today

ZAGREB, Croatia - Feb. 15, 2017 - Bear With Me, a noire-themed point-and-click adventure series from Exordium Games following a young girl and her teddy bear detective companion, investigates new leads in a second episode releasing today on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.
Ten-year-old Amber and Ted. E Bear, her quick-witted sidekick brought to life by her imagination, continue their adventure by entering Paper City to pursue clues and question suspects in the search for Amber's missing brother. The menacing arsonist known as Red remains a concern, sustaining tension as the duo risk an encounter.
From a seedy casino owner to a former detective now convinced the city's seagulls spy on residents, Paper City's populace of toys brought to life provides an eclectic lineup of allies and suspects to interrogate. Episode 2 offers fresh puzzles and twice the amount of scenes as the series' debut in completely new locales.

Decisions made in Bear With Me's story-driven adventure will influence future events. The writing is loaded with pop culture references, puns, and cutting exchanges between Amber and Ted E. Bear, balancing both a serious tone and lighthearted humor.
"Episode 2 advances the search for Amber's brother, but also introduces strains to Amber and Ted E. Bear's relationship," said Andrej Kovacevic, game director, Exordium Games. "Players must support the team and lead them through situations a bit darker and more difficult than what they've previously faced."
Episode 2 is available for $4.99 on Steam and the Humble Store with full English voiceover along with French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian subtitles. For more information, please visit the game's official website.
About Exordium Games
Exordium Games is a Croatia-based independent studio that united 20 developers under a shared belief that games have a vital role in modern society's evolution and future. The team is working tirelessly on its first full game, Bear With Me, as well as several other projects. Exordium strives to create magnificent adventures that can be enjoyed by people all over the world.

Online Game - Tetroid 3

I can pretty much guarantee you that when you first play this, you'll be thinking "oh wow this is so easy!"  Then a few minutes later you'll be tearing your hair out!! 😂

Legrand Legacy Funds on Kickstarter

February 14 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia - With just three days to go SEMISOFT's Kickstarter, for classically inspired tactical JRPG Legrand Legacy, has reached its £40,000 target and now looks to achieve stretch-goals.

"We're proud of the community that we've built during both Kickstarter campaigns for Legrand Legacy. Not only did they show us full support for rebooting the campaign, they've returned enforce and have pushed us over the funding line! We now hope achieve some of the stretch goals, that we've revealed and look forward to delivering Legrand Legacy to our eager fans. The team and I are now even more motivated, thanks to the funding, press and public reception to our game, to live up to the expectations of true JRPG fans everywhere" said William "Uwil" Winata, lead game designer at SEMISOFT.

Among the first stretch-goals revealed are content unlocks, that expand the game's universe and experience to players.
The game, being developed by SEMISOFTLegrand Legacy is a tactical turn-based JRPG that takes you on a journey through a chaotic world that's torn apart by civil war and threatened by an otherworldly invasion. You play as Finn, the reluctant leader of a band of unlikely heroes, who soon discovers that the true peril to their universe lies within themselves. The game combines beautiful hand drawn backgrounds with highly detailed character models and environmental effects, to deeply immerse players in the world of Legrand.


SEMISOFT is a game development company built by gamers for gamers. Our vision is to craft original ideas into mainstream pop culture. Our mission is to develop quality games that entertain, educate, and enrich players worldwide.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sci-Fi Adventure Phoning Home Lands on Windows

BERLIN - Feb. 7, 2017 - Phoning Home, an exploration game following a shipwrecked robot's mission to contact his world and escape an uncharted planet, launches today on Steam for Windows, with Mac and Linux support planned for a later date.

The story follows ION, an intrepid explorer who must find a way to survive in a hostile environment and send a distress signal home. The ensuing adventure brings the adorable android into contact with colossal creatures, ruins from an ancient alien civilization and harsh landscapes, ranging from an icy tundra to sweltering volcanoes.

Along ION's journey, he encounters another marooned vessel with a mechanical castaway of its own named ANI, who soon becomes ION's faithful companion. With ANI's offensive prowess and ION's maneuverability, the pair form a symbiotic relationship. The team must rely on one another's distinct abilities and strengths if either one is to have any hope of survival.

The game features stunning visuals that bring its lush alien world teeming with bizarre beasts, enigmatic portals and other mysteries to life. With dynamic weather, realistic day-night cycles and a beautiful ambient soundtrack, Phoning Home delivers an authentically compelling world for players to delve into while uncovering the cause behind ION's crash-landing.

"Phoning Home is a captivating game full of secrets waiting to be uncovered and breathtaking environments to explore," said Marko Dieckmann, founder, ION LANDS. "It's been a wonderful experience seeing this project transform from a concept into reality and everyone on the team is eager for the PC gaming community to see ION and ANI's story unfold."

Phoning Home has full voiceovers in English and German, with localized subtitled versions available in Spanish, French and Russian. The game is priced at $19.99 USD / € 19.99 via Steam, but has a 10% discount during launch week.
To learn more about Phoning Home, please visit the official website or Steam page.

Pirate adventure Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet launches on iOS

Heidelberg, Germany - Application Systems today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Nelly Cootalot 1.1, the company's new adventure game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The game was selected by Apple as Best of Mac App Store 2016 and is now coming to iOS! Nelly Cootalot was created by award-winning British comedian and filmmaker Alasdair Beckett-King and boasts a fantastic voice cast including Tom Baker (Doctor Who). In this hilarious classical style point & click adventure game pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot sets sail to rescue birds hypnotised by the villainous Baron Widebeard.

Nelly's journey will take her from Port Rubicund in the South Seas to the lonely isle of Gloomholm in the icy north. Explore a charming hand-drawn world, meet outlandish characters and face perplexing challenges in search of the Treasure of the Seventh Sea. The game offers full voice acting in both English and German, with an incredible cast including the legendary Tom Baker (Doctor Who, Little Britain) and Thomas Reiner (Raumpatrouille Orion, Futurama). It also offers text localisation in French, Spanish and Italian.

* Full Voice-Acting in English & German
* Art & Animation in glorious High Definition
* German, Spanish, Italian & French Localisations
* Over 45 Unique Characters & 35 Locations


Nelly Cootalot first appeared in the 2007 freeware game Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Alasdair created this short game as a birthday present for his girlfriend, and it became a favourite on the indie adventure scene. In 2013 Alasdair ran a successful Kickstarter to fund a new stand-alone Nelly game. With the support of over 1000 backers, Alasdair teamed up with Application Systems Heidelberg in 2014. With ASH on board, the project rapidly grew in scale, adding cross-platform support, text localisation, German voice acting and tons more animation in glorious High Definition. The budget grew from the modest Kickstarter haul to a six figure sum, with a team of 45+ people across 4 countries. Blimey, we've been busy!

Device Requirements:
* iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, iPod touch 6 or later
* Requires iOS 7.1 or later
* 2.36 GB

Pricing and Availability:
With a "pay once - play forever" model, Nelly Cootalot 1.1 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. As a bonus the iOS version features a set of pirate themed iMessage stickers. For more information, please contact Volker Ritzhaupt.

Nelly Cootalot 1.1: http://www.nellycootalot.com

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Forge your legacy today with ARELITE CORE

Comment from my press preview copy - although I haven't had time to get very far into this yet there's a huge amount of effort gone into creating original artwork, a fairly sophisticated battle system, a crafting system and what promises to be an interesting plot.  Also this is the result of a solo dev's 5 year mission - please give it a look!  
It's 20% off for the launch week, starting today.

ARELITE CORE, a story-driven JRPG for Windows. It follows the adventures of Karden, a blacksmith on the path to mastering his craft, forced to take a stand against an ageless entity bent on devouring the world. Through its 20 hour epic cinematic story, its reimagined battle system and a killer soundtrack, ARELITE CORE seeks to relive the glory of the 16 bit era as we remember it.


  • Live a 20 hour cinematic story driven adventure
  • Customise your heroes with unique stances and techniques
  • Battle legions of fully animated monsters
  • Forge unique master weapons and armor
  • Immerse yourself with an amazing retro styled soundtrack
  • Discover a plethora of secrets, collectables to gather, secret bosses to fight and find the famous developer room
  • Play with a completely custom game engine, with advanced interactions and visual effects
  • Relive the glory days of JRPGs as you remember them

Monday, 6 February 2017

CodeRed: Agent Sarah's Story – an episodic game by LivinThing Studio

LivinThing Studio are proud to present detective adventure game “CodeRed: Agent Sarah’s Story”. Playing as special agent Sarah Young youwill be given the opportunity to carry out an investigation to capture an extremely dangerous terrorist. The game features point and click game play, an extensive script, hand painted graphics, music composed specifically for the game, the need to make moral choices and achievement system. 
The game also introduces some social elements that will enable its players to meet their friends playing other characters of the game such as informers, suspects or snitches.  Code Red will be split the game into three episodes which correspond to the three days of the investigation.  The first episode is now available to play on FaceBook.

After completing this one, players will be able to compare their achievements and re-start the investigation, meaning you can make different decisions and carry out the investigation in another way.  CodeRed offers free access to the game and micropayments.  Players can also get a VIP card with a single purchase. 

Time Squared [A powerful story in an open world FPS]

This one's not really my cup of tea but I'm sure it will have some fans here!

A single player FPS in an open world. A unique and passionate story made by one guy. You will play as Talis, young ASA elite soldier.

1984. The world is about to explode. 

Relations between USA and USSR are getting worse and all nations are preparing for a possible third World War. 

"TALIS" (code name), young elite soldier of the ASA is sent on an INTEL-RECO mission to an island on which CIA has indicated knowledge of terrorist activities.

The terrorist group named "BONIS MUNDI", responding to the orders of a certain "QUADRA" would have developed a weapon far surpassing nuclear weapons. 

TALIS is far from expecting what he will discover. An adventure that will change the course of his life, and war in general.