Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dark Shores: Made by a one-man development team

One-man indiedev LABS Games is working on Dark Shores, a game he's been working on for over two years. 


A luxury cruise containing five young tourists crashes on a remote island, deep within the South Pacific. As the tourists struggle to survive on the island, they soon realize that keeping themselves fed and sheltered is the least of their worries. There’s something else on this island. Hunting them.


Permanent death 
The main goal of this game was to 'fix' one of the glaring issues the developer felt affected most horror games. The horror is only good once. Respawing at a checkpoint removes all consequence and tension from the game. In Dark Shores, when you die as one character, he/she stays dead. Instead of reloading a previous save, you take the reigns of another survivor. Permadeath makes sure the scares are truly scary. You are fighting for your life, after all.

Branching narrative
When any character can be snuffed out and removed from the game at any time, the narrative can change and shift. This makes for a branching storyline, where the outcome is entirely dependent on who lives, and who dies.

Unscripted fear
ILABS Games focused on an un-scripted enemy in an attempt to create fear that isn’t linear. Once the player becomes aware of the scripted nature planned jump scares, the metaphorical curtain is pulled back, and horror games can lose their impact. To avoid being just a simple haunted house, a level of unpredictability has been added.

Other Info

Developer: LABS Games
Release Date: February 13, 2017
Price: 12.99 (launch)
Platforms: PC

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