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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Detective Gallo on the case!

Detective Gallo is a gorgeous-looking hand-illustrated and hand-animated point & click, comic-noir adventure game.  Its protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case, bizarre characters, and puzzles that will put his insight and patience to the test.  Exotic plants are being murdered, and something sinister is going on beyond what is at first evident...  "For the most cynical and sarcastic detective there is, a case that starts out as trivial domestic abuse will turn out to be the most intricate investigation he and his cactus(!) have ever seen..."

Detective Gallo has recently been Greenlit, and is seeking funding support through eppella, a crowd-funding site I admit I've never heard of before, but I presume they're a bit thing in Italy.  At any rate this looks like a game well worth supporting with sumptuous visuals and a wonderfully quirky plot.  Check out the Funding Campaign and also the game's alpha demo.

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