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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Momento Temporis - new retro platformer released on Steam today

Momento Temporis is a massive 2D, pixel-art, metroidvania style, platformer. Use your skills to dodge worms and flesh eating plants as you jump over vats of acid to get to the artifact that unlocks the gate to the next part of the game where you continue your search for your lost memories.

In Momento Temporis you play as Hania, a girl who finds herself in a treacherous land with all kinds of monsters and enemies. With only her wit and fighting skills to help her survive she sets out on an exploration of this strange landscape in search for answers to her past and how she came to be here.

Part one features three fully fleshed out areas packed with lots of secrets, enemies and challenges to explore. Learn new ways to fight using spells, potions and combinations. Find hidden passages and treasures to help you on your way. Hone your skills in the challenge rooms while trying to reach the highest level. Curiosity, brains and reflexes are your biggest assets in this challenging game.

Momento Temporis is currently available for PC and Mac.

Steam page

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