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Monday, 24 October 2016

Indie Game Trackless Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Fig

Figthe only videogame-centric crowdfunding platform, launched a new crowdfunding campaign for indie title Trackless, a mysterious text-oriented adventure game by Aubrey Serr (Overgrowth) of 12 East Games. Trackless aims to raise $20,000 to fund development on the game. A new trailer released today gives viewers a first look at Trackless, inspired by the impressionistic design and immersive storytelling found in classic adventure games.  

In Trackless, the player becomes a Seeker, challenged to complete a series of trials that lead them to a mysterious monolith called The Object. With the aid of an in-game phone, players use text-oriented input to explore the environment and interact with a unique cast of characters they meet along the way, some of whom may be in pursuit of their own agenda. Seekers can collect credits to upgrade their phones, unlock new abilities and access new areas. As Seekers make their way closer to The Object, they will traverse unique locations, each with their own inhabitants and unique set of puzzles.

To learn more about Trackless, please visit the Fig campaign page.

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