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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Fragments of Being Her Demise trilogy is complete!

Austrian developer chronerion entertainment have just released the third and final episode of their Fragments of Being Her Demise point & click trilogy.

The episode is called Ceasing to be Her Demise and seamlessly continues the previous two episodes A Fragment of Her and Being Her Darkest Friend. The player assumes the role of the young and inexperienced art student Selina who is plagued by horrible nightmares and visions while also having to prevail against everyday problems and dangers.

Ceasing to be Her Demise is a point & click adventure that’s about 90 minutes long. It’s more modern and up-to-date then the pretty pixel graphics in the style of the old VGA adventures of the 1990s make it seem at first glance.

You can download the game for free for Windows, Mac and Linux or play it directly in your browser:

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