Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dungeon Girl - First Screenshots

July 19, 2016 - Independent game publisher Fruitbat Factory is happy to announce that puzzle RPG Dungeon Girl will be coming to Steam in English for the first time. Developed by Inu to NekoDungeon Girl is a cheerful fantasy adventure that’s easy to pick up and play. 

Join Monica on her journey into the dungeon under the Tower of Light Blue, and conquer over 1000 floors! 

Match panels to explore the dungeon, and make them disappear to attack enemies. 
Explore, excavate, heal and attack. Start your adventure and see how deep you can go! 

Game Features: 
  • 1000+ floors to explore

  • 300 items to craft

  • 200 skills to use

  • Synthetize and Upgrade your items

“Dungeon Girl combines a cheerful RPG adventure story with colorful and cute graphics and puzzle sequences featuring tile-matching gameplay. Inu to Neko has built a complex world that connects all their games, and I hope we can bring many new fans to explore it.” says Ozhan Sen, Marketing Lead. 

Dungeon Girl comes priced at $11.99 and is available for pre-order from the official Fruitbat Factory store with a -25% pre-order discount. 

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd 
English version developer (Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google & Youtube) 
Fruitbat Factory is an independent localisation house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences. 

Inu to Neko 
Developer of original Japanese version (Homepage) 
Inu to Neko has been developing games since 2003, with a strong focus on games with intricate gameplay mechanics. 


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