Friday, 1 July 2016

Announcing a new interactive short story, Strayed, coming out this summer!

A message from our friends at #indiedev "Adventure Cow", who previously created #gamebook "DestinyQuest Infinite" (Act I, Act II, Act III):

"Adventure Cow will release its first interactive short story this summer. Strayed is a dark, atmospheric tale in the tradition of Stephen King or Dean R. Koontz. You're only fifteen miles from home; but those fifteen miles are a lonely road through woods drenched in mystery, that many locals dare not enter. Rain batters your windscreen; your radio reports an aggressive beast, lashing out against passers-by; and there is something – something – waiting on the road ahead. Your decisions will matter in this game; perhaps more than you think.
Adventure Cow owes a great deal of appreciation to the members of the NYC indie team, interactive fiction and visual novel communities who have supported this process. We now need your help! We want playtesters who enjoy interactive tales, and story-based games. Sign up now to try the game for free.
Strayed will be available on iOS, Android and the Web. For more information see our blog."

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