Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Epsilon Outcome

Amnesia, extraterrestrial activity, strange men in gray hazmat suits, and disappearances. You don't know how you've arrived or where you came from.

Surrounded by a strange forest, you come across a large, strange metal cylinder in the middle of a murky marsh. It has slimy, rusty ladder rungs along one side. You don't know why it looks slightly familiar, but somehow you are sure that you need to find a way to get across the swamp and investigate what's down below. As you discover old crusty machines, tunnel entrances, a radio shack, and a handful of strangers, you begin to suspect that something has been amuck for a long time that's bigger than anyone can guess.

  • 8-bit, hand-drawn graphics and animations. Over 375 drawings went into the game.
  • Original soundtrack
  • Original sound effects
  • Unique point and click interface. (But, does "unique" mean "novel and cool", or does it mean "bad and cumbersome"?)
  • Saved games in the demo will load in the full version.

Check the Official Website for details, demo download or to buy the game.

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