Friday, 13 May 2016

Willy Morgan

"imaginarylab", a new indie games studio located in Verona, Italy, are currently working on a 3rd person point and click graphic adventure called Willy Morgan.  It features deformed 3D graphics reminiscent of Day of the Tentacle, but more realistic.  Kind of freaks me out looking at these images, I think my brain doesn't quite know what to make of them! 

Willy is a teenager who lost his father at an early age.  His father is Henry Morgan, a famous archaeologist. 10 years have passed since his mysterious disappearance while searching for the mythical Adventure Galley, the pirate Kidd’s ship.

Willy receives a strange letter dated 10 years ago - Willy opens it to find that it's a letter from his father.  “Dear Willy, if you received this letter, my mission was not  successful. You must go as soon as possible to Bone Town, to the old inn : all starts from there, in the heat of a friend’s place.”

For more information see the team's website:

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