Monday, 23 May 2016

Captain Disaster - voiced game and eBook released

Captain Disaster in The Dark Side of the Moon has now been fully released, and is available from GameJolt as freeware.  Enjoy!  (Well I hope you will... you can hear me simultaneously doing a bad Brummie accent and a bad American accent, what's not to love?! :-D  All ratings / comments etc on Gamejolt much appreciated!

Also released is an eBook on, containing the 11 short stories that served as the original inspiration for making the Captain Disaster games (Death Has a Million Stomping Boots still in production, and going to have a big announcement about that pretty soon!).  It's also available as a free download, but if anyone's feeling generous and wants to help me out (and / or particularly likes the eBook / games), you can name your own price or make a donation to one of the cryptocurrency wallets given on the information page.
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