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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

"Auralux: Constellations" launches on PC on 1st June 2016

Auralux: Constellations
Real-time strategy. Deconstructed.
Coming to your PC on 1st June 2016

    Start with a single planet, expand, and conquer the entire system!
  • Use cleverness and wit in a dozen variations on classic strategy
  • Play against your friends in online and local multiplayer
  • Explore the game on Steam, with Android, iOS and Xbox One coming soon
About Auralux: Constellations
Auralux: Constellations is the long-awaited sequel to Auralux, the critically acclaimed minimalistic Real-Time Strategy game. Start with a single planet. Then, upgrade, expand, and attack until you’ve conquered the entire system. Now with Auralux: Constellations, explore a dozen new gameplay mechanics and play against your friends in local or online multiplayer.

Single / Multiplayer: Challenge other players in local or online multiplayer matches, or play against sophisticated AI in single-player mode. Explore the game’s full potential through dozens of hours of interesting gameplay, however you like it.

Constellations: Explore new strategic twists one at a time, each a part of a new constellation of levels. What if the planets moved? What about wormholes, gas giants, or supernovas? Discover clever twists of new gameplay without ever being overloaded by too much complexity.

Another Universe: Auralux is easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win. Test your strategic skills while enjoying vibrant graphics and gentle music that procedurally adapts to reflect the gameplay, with the entire game pulsing to the beat.
About War Drum Studios
War Drum Studios is a cutting edge game developer and technology studio founded in 2007 based in Gainesville, FL. War Drum's critically acclaimed projects have been appreciated by tens of millions of players worldwide. War Drum works with the biggest names in the industry and the smallest indie developers alike to bring the best games in the world to new platforms, and new heights.

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