Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Indie Game "This War of Mine" Film Adaptation

Critically Acclaimed Game ‘This War of Mine’ gets Independent Adaption
‘Dogs’ Short Film Shines Light on the Ugly Side of War: Survival

Vancouver, CA: Marco Bossow is an independent filmmaker from Hamburg with a vision: to adapt the 11bit Studios game ‘This War of Mine’ into a compelling film that opens audience’s eyes to the difficult decisions civilians in war-torn areas are faced with every day.  
‘Dogs’ features Artyom, played by Justin Turnbull (iZombie, Motive), a young man forced to leave his makeshift shelter in order to find desperately needed medical supplies to save his wounded brother.  Along the way, he encounters kind-hearted strangers and opportunistic marauders, and learns that there are no right choices in war - only survival.

“Playing ‘This War of Mine’ was a gut-wrenching experience which still haunts me,” says Bossow, the writer/director of ‘Dogs’.  “I want to trigger an emotional response within the audience that will motivate them to think about the conflicts that are going on in the world, and build sympathy for the suffering they experience.”  Marco even consulted with a survivor of the Bosnian War to keep the story authentic.

The teaser has already been filmed, which you can watch on their website (dogs-short.com), but Marco and his team at Transmute Pictures need to raise the funds to cover costs like production design, insurance, among other production expenses. “’Dogs’ is an ambitious project,” says producer/actor Larissa Thompson, “we have lots of stunts, special effects make-up, and a war-torn world to build in Vancouver.” The team needs $25,000 to build this world, and have decided to raise the funds through Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1770001824/dogs-a-this-war-of-mine-independent-adaptation).

("This War Is Mine" came 6th in the IndieDB "Indie Game of the Year 2014" awards.)
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