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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Review - It's Spring Again

It's Spring Again, developed by indie dev Asya Yurina and published by Sometimes You is a game aimed at very young children.  Anyone with young children who like trying to play games with you will know that it's very difficult to find games that they can play on their level, usually requiring at least some or a lot of help to be able to play.  It's Spring Again is designed to be played with minimal or no help from an adult.  It's completely child-safe and has a bit of educational value too.

It's Spring Again features a simple, attractive art style with plenty of colour and movement.

The game starts off in spring - via the narrator (who  has a pleasant voice that doesn't get annoying, though the option to turn off the narration also exists) it is explained what happens in each season.  Simple hints are provided as to what your child needs to click on next - it's all done in a very natural way, such that initially very young children might not realise what is required of them.  My 5 year-old needed a little prompting the first time round but promptly went through the whole thing again with no additional help, and then after a couple of days played it again with no help.  My estimate of the best target audience for the game is 6-8 year-olds.

It's all very simple and takes a short time to cycle through all the seasons, 10 minutes maybe.  When you get to spring again... it all continues until you quit the game.  My daughter liked it quite a bit, and my younger daughter (not yet 2) was enchanted watching it for a while.  It teaches young ones about the season and our planet in an effortless way that will instill an appreciation for nature in them.

My eldest daughter, sensitive thing that she is, gets rather worried by the big storm clouds!

For a game that's short and sweet, the aesthetics have to be spot on, and they are - the art design and direction is beautifully done, the narration good and the musical integration is superb.  There's evidently a huge amount of thought and effort gone into this, and if you have young children in the target range, it will be well worth the nominal fee.   IT's a "game" designed for a very specific group, and it does its job extremely well.

It's Spring Again is due for release on Steam on 2nd February 2016.

In case you hadn't already guessed, this is Winter.

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