Monday, 30 March 2015

AGS Awards 2014

Okay, gonna try to clamber off my sick-bed just long enough to post this... :-/

In a battle of the heavyweights, the AGS Awards 2014 were dominated by the dual between Blackwell Epiphany by Wadjet Eye Games and Quest for Infamy by Infamous Quests.  Blackwell Epiphany walked off with the coveted Best Game Created With AGS award, along with Best Writing, Best Background Art, Best Character Art and Best Animation.  Quest for Infamy on the other hand won in the Best Gameplay and Best Puzzles categories, as well as Best Character and Best Music + Sounds.

Two of my gamedev friends did REALLY well, with Andrea Ferrera sweeping up 3 awards - Best Programming and Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS for his retro racer Red Hot Overdrive, whilst also talking the Best Demo crown for Tales.  Shaun Aitcheson won two awards, firstly Best Short Game for A Date In The Park and then Best Freeware Game for Mudlarks.

Very well done to all winners and nominees!

A quick note about posts here, while I'm still at the keyboard and just about able to stay awake... there won't be very many posts from me for a while, and I'm afraid that because I don't have much time anyway, there's no way I'm going to be able to look at a huge backlog once I return to health.  So if you emailed me in the previous 3 weeks and I'd been intending to do a post on your game, I'm afraid it may not happen.  Apologies in advance to anyone who is affected by this.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Game Connection 2015 Sets Record Attendance Numbers

San Francisco, CA, USA – March 16, 2015 – As Game Connection 2015 came to a close the first week of March in San Francisco, the conference had a record-breaking turnout of more than 2,700 attendees and visitors, who participated in more than 11,983 meetings with 247 exhibitors – a sold-out show, and an increase of attendees by 60 percent from the previous year.  There were also 296 certified buyers this year, an increase by 52 percent from 2014. Development studios and game companies were there to showcase new releases and upcoming game projects - some of which were unveiled exclusively at the 4-day industry event, one of the largest gaming conferences hosted in San Francisco this year.

Game Connection 2015 brought members from all aspects of the industry together, from development, publishing, and funding, to production, middleware, marketing, and distribution and where big players sit side by side with indie developers and the future stars of tomorrow. Many countries were represented at Game Connection, with countries including Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom all representing at the show.

The show also hosted the Game Connection Development Awards, recognizing and promoting independent game projects at any stage of development. At the ceremony, Studios Active Gaming Media, Hololabs, Brainseed Factory, MADFINGER Games, A Crowd of Monsters, Bigpoint, Square Enix Montréal, Sarepta Studio, and LyteShot all picked up awards at the Development Awards. The Game Connection Development Awards 2015 were given out in partnership with Microsoft Studios, Bandai Namco Games, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Michael Meyers Public Relations.

"We are extremely proud to get this recognition from the Game Connection Development awards,” said Khaled Helioui, CEO of Bigpoint, referring to its win of Best Desktop/Downloadable” for the client-based MOBA Shards of War.  “This is a testament to the dedication & commitment to quality of the Shards of War team as well as an important milestone in our path to build a new branch in the e-sports category. We are doubling down on this game and have a number of senior Design (MOBA, Combat Design), Art (Illustration, Character Design) and development positions open to keep exceeding our players' expectations."

"We are humbled that we were selected from such an extremely  talented group of international teams, and very pleased to receive accolades for LyteShot's platform, said Mark J. Ladd, Founder and CEO of LyteShot. “We also hope that this award will help pave the way for interested developers to join us in creating a truly interactive augmented reality mobile gaming platform."
For more information on Game Connection America, please visit:
Follow us on Twitter:
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About Game Connection:
Game Connection is an international conference that gives video game industry professionals the opportunity to interact, network, and promote their products, services and expertise. Since 2001, key players from the games industry have gathered in Europe and in the US —to meet, do business together, connect with new industry professionals and socialize in a lively environment where business gets done. This business-focused setting is largely enabled by the Game Connection Meeting Application, a unique match-making tool allowing attendees to schedule meetings in advance of the event – thereby effectively optimizing time spent onsite. Game Connection Europe 2015 launches a new program of conferences with Mentors and peer conferences (in different topics : payment, localization, marketing management, user aquisition, Xdev arts and Xdev techno) and Master Classes (game design mobile, Techno Unity, Arts Animation, etc.)
For more information, visit  

Nerdbert: The Signature Hunter

Indie game developer Team Now have launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming pixel art title Nerdbert: The Signature Hunter. It will be a fast paced action game with RPG elements that explores convention culture.  Featuring costumes, mini-games and more!  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Nova Phase Book 2

If you liked this pixel art sci-fi graphic novel by Matthew Ritter but aren't a great fan of reading your graphic novels on-screen, you might be interested to know that Nova Phase #3 and #4 have been published together in paperback form.  It's available from  #1 and #2 are available in the Book 1 paperback.

For more information on this series, see our original post.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nevergrind - Indie Action RPG Kickstarter

Nevergrind is an HTML5 action RPG developed by Neverworks Games. The game is free-to-play and offers hundreds of hours of addictive, fast-paced gameplay. Nevergrind currently offers a local play mode and a server account mode. If you play at you will play in local mode. If you play at you will play in server mode. Server accounts are currently only available to players that volunteered in our forums. Over time it is likely that the site will phase out local play in favor of the considerable benefits provided by server accounts.
Nevergrind will launch its Kickstarter campaign on March 18th which will provide backers early access to Season 1 on April 17th. Server accounts will be available to the general public on April 20th, 2015.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 2 is out today

What is DestinyQuest Infinite?
DestinyQuest Infinite is a digital gamebook, which means it’s a book that’s also a game (who would have guessed?). It combines the branching paths of choose-your-own-adventure books with tabletop-style RPG elements like stats and combat.

Adventure through the story collecting loot, fighting monsters, and boosting your stats to take on even bigger challenges in this digital adaptation of Michael J. Ward's DestinyQuest gamebook.

You are the hero but who, exactly, are you?

What can you expect from Act 2?
DestinyQuest’s author Michael J Ward describes it himself:

The legion has returned and time is running out. Your search for a mysterious prophet takes you into the forests and swamps of the Black Marsh, where a dark corruption draws evil from the shadows. Fell demons stalk the caves and tunnels, where fabulous treasures await those brave enough to take them, whilst ancient ruins and forgotten castles hold their own deadly secrets.  
Will you find the prophet and discover your true destiny, or will you succumb to the many dangers of this harsh wilderness?  

  • Fighting Fantasy-style gameplay with RPG-style stat progression
  • Combat mixing tactics and luck - every battle is different depending on what equipment you carry
  • Hundreds of items and special abilities
  • Over 600 pages of story to discover in the full book
  • Never before seen art and original item cards written by the author, only in DestinyQuest Infinite (not included in the print book)
  • Cross-platform integration - play on any device! (Mobile and offline modes to be available soon)


Have you ever wanted to experience being one of Her Majesty's favourite animals and explore the world around you with the help of a trans-dimensional hologram?  Then check out the Kickstarter for Corgifields.  Featuring power-ups to fight baddies and a flock of sheep with their own AI!

Hardcore RPG Dungeons of Aledorn launches on Kickstarter

March 12 2015Prague, Czech Republic - TEAM 21 are proud to announce that the Kickstarter for their single-player PC game, aimed at hardcore RPG fans, Dungeons of Aledorn (DoA) is now live.  A modern, spiritual successor to old-school RPG/dungeon crawling masterpieces, it combines total-world navigation and exploration with a turn-based, tactical combat system and utilizes a unique travelling/camping system.

“The worlds created within games such as Dungeons of Aledorn are really complex, huge and ambitious; so for indie projects like ours, crowd-funding is a great way to make it possible. We’ve chosen Kickstarter as, for us, nowhere else offers the same visibility and presence.” said Danny Nezmar, producer. “The campaignscree is also an incredible opportunity for us to speak with our backers and receive some valuable feedback, which will also allow us to form a closer, more meaningful community, which will ultimately deliver a better game.”

The world of DoA is stricken by war and the once defeated Orc tribes have again gathered their strengths and gained new allies to help them re-conquer their lost lands. It’s a harsh time when deserters and cowards plunder and prey upon the weak and kill on the whim; a world that’s in desperate need of a band of heroes to rally and save the day.  

Players use their wits in exploration mode to engage enemies at suitable locations and use the scenery to your advantage to increase your chances of success; whilst managing characters´ actions, even during travelling and camping in order to craft, repair or find useful items or just to protect yourself against enemy ambushes.

Key features:
  • A combination of the time-tested principles of former masterpieces with the advantages of current technology.
  • Classical high-fantasy game setting that places emphasis on realism within its world´s rules.
  • Start with a ready-to-go party of heroes, chosen from a combination of seven races and six classes - or create your own!
  • Branching skills and further specializations.
  • Total immersion into an enormous archipelago realm with various climates and landscapes.
  • Original and atmospheric soundtrack designed by our in-house composer.
  • No more long winded following of quest markers - get your brain ready for intriguing quests with multiple solutions.
  • DRM free.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

About Team 21
Team 21 is a newly formed indie studio that strives to return to gamers the quality of classic game masterpieces.  The team is working hard in their headquarters - complete with in-house audio and motion capture facilities - to create a challenging, fun and balanced games mainly for the hardcore player.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Fast-Paced Roguelike RPG QuestRun Now Available on iOS and Android

March 12th, 2015 – St. Louis, MO – Phoenix Online Publishing and Cuve Games today announced that the fast-paced roguelike RPG QuestRun is now available for iOS and Android platforms! Explore the vibrant and varied dungeons, battle over 60 unique monsters, and play as over 15 different characters in this battle-focused tactical game where you’ll fight to outlive yourself again and again! QuestRun is available now in the iTunes Store and Google Play for $2.99.

A challenging modern twist on old school RPG battle systems, QuestRun is a fast-paced game that cuts to the action and stays there. Love RPGs but can go without in depth dialogues and scenario based text? QuestRun is for you! Battle in a diverse collection of themed dungeons; equip, level up and push your chosen heroes as far as you can; die in agony, and do it all again! Apply new strategies, try new heroes, face new perils and meet your next glorious demise! Untimely, premature deaths await!

Key Features:
  • An addictive, fast-paced, semi-randomized roguelike game
  • Play and perish in glory as 15 different characters
  • More than 60 monsters to fight
  • Equip yourself to take on new challenges
  • Explore the colorful graphics of dark dungeons, icy mountains, fiery plains and more!
For more information, see

About Phoenix Online Publishing – Every Game Has a Story™
Phoenix Online Publishing is an independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to market worldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio (The Silver LiningCognition, Moebius, Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Remake), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company's website,

About Cuve Games
A small, independent team based in France, Cuve Games is passionate, humble and resilient. Having worked on multiple titles for other developers previously, Cuve is now focused on delivering their own high quality games. For more information, visit the company's website at

StarDrive 2 - Gameplay Trailer

More information about StarDrive 2 in this post.

Roto VR launches Kickstarter at Rezzed 2015

London UK – 12th March, 2015 – Small British company helmed by entrepreneur, Elliot Myers takes VR immersion to the next level with 'Roto'. Roto is a motorised Virtual Reality platform that addresses the fundamental issues of VR while enabling the most natural and totally immersive virtual reality experience currently available with any headset. Because of the seated, motorised and wire free nature of Roto, users feel physically as well as visually, more immersed in the virtual world than ever before.
To fund the final stage of Roto’s production cost, the founders are turning to Kickstarter to raise £85,000 which will allow them to bring Roto to market in time for Christmas 2015. Roto has already found some solid support in the press and the wider industry at large since first announcement only two weeks ago!
"It's a very cool product, and something that I instantly want to buy myself :)"
Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO nDreams Ltd
"I'm completely in love with the product. Wow! Just wow!"
Steve Drash CEO, Titans of Space
"You need to try this!"
Inessa Kivikangas, CEO Windlands
"What an amazing product! Watching a movie in a chair like this would be epic! Directors would love playing with this input."
Dylann Flinn, Rothenberg Ventures
“Describing it in so few words doesn't really do the Roto justice I wasn't banking that a motorized chair could change my experience of VR as drastically as it did!“
Jamie Rigg, Reviews Editor, Engadget
"Personally, I’m hugely excited – and I can’t wait to be wandering the streets of Los Santos in the chair."
James O’Malley, Tech Digest
“It’s a sign of maturity when developers create devices built to serve existing technology rather than create new devices for that market. Since the Roto chair does exactly that, it’s a sign that VR has truly arrived as a technology.”
Jason Brick, PSFK
You can find the Roto Kickstarter page here: Roto Kickstarter Link
More On Roto:
Roto is unique in that it tracks which direction the user is facing, which coupled with ‘looking’, ‘leaning’ and ‘aiming’ offers a complete and intuitive solution to the VR experience.
Tracking where the user is facing is also a huge development for VR movies, especially when combined with Roto’s in-built motor. Now movie directors and games developers can physically turn the user to face the action whenever and wherever they choose. This also resolves the timeless challenge of trying to control the users view without breaking the illusion or inducing nausea.
Added to all this, Roto offers a deeper sense of immersion than ever before, thanks to it’s small centrifugal forces translating the users’ physical mass from the real world into the virtual world. It needs to be experienced!
Roto is compatible with all current (and future) VR headsets, and all features combined, Roto is the most immersive, natural and comprehensive Virtual Reality platform ever developed.
“We’re so excited by the potential of the technology in our new device,” commented Elliott Myers founder of Roto. “We know we have something really unique on offer here which could revolutionise the Virtual Reality industry and open it up to users and businesses alike on a much wider scale than anything yet seen. Roto is comfortable, safe and fun.”
Roto can be controlled and interacted with in a variety of ways including:
• A base for feet with two pedals enabling users to turn, walk, run or strafe among other options.
• An optional desk which can carry a keyboard and mouse, steering wheel, joystick, haptic controller etc
• Users are also able to mount a touch-screen tablet onto the desk, ideal for app swapping
• Ability to add the DK2 camera onto the rotating platform for optimal tracking
Note: The chair that comes Roto is interchangeable; users can choose a style that suits their space, or even add their own swivel chair. The Roto platform is also very small / compact (10cm tall x 65cm diameter), in fact it's the same size as a normal swivel-chair base.
Roto is still in development but the team have fully working prototypes ready for demonstration, a kickstarter campaign is planned to help final stages of production kicking off at Rezzed 2015 on 12th March.

First look at Ralin Dwarf Wars

Promising high quality graphics and attention to detail, Ralin Dwarf Wars is a roguelike hand and slash with a large world to explore and detailed storyline.  It's currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with a planned WiiU version.  You can find out more at the Official Website (which includes download links for the alpha build).

A couple of screenshots and alpha gameplay trailer below:

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Spellweaver, The Online Trading Card Game, Greenlit

March 12, 2015 – Spellweaver, a new Digital Trading Card Game, has officially been Greenlit and will be coming to Steam later this year. Spellweaver is a classic style trading card game set in a fantasy world where various faction's spellweavers battle for supremacy. The trading card game features a variety of unique features that set it apart from other card games on the market. Sign up for the closed beta at

While players of other TCGs will be familiar with the core concepts behind the game, Spellweaver has a number of unique twists. Entirely new concepts include creature speed attribute, and up to three customizable hero abilities, and a method to reduce the odds of having a “land starved”  draw. Your spellweaver starts each battle with 1 special ability and can gain up to two additional abilities mid match. Spellweaver also plans on supporting special Hearthstone style arena modes, a full ranked ladder with event support, and more.

Spellweaver is planned to be a free to play game with limited costs imposed on players who wish to pay and plenty of ways to gain free cards and packs. Sign up for the closed beta at or join us for open beta around April.
Dream Reactor is an independent collective of seasoned game developers from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our core team members have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and worked on titles such as the Tropico series, Celtic Kings, and Rising Kingdoms. We have a great passion for card games and we are currently working on our dream project, Spellweaver.
More information at

Friday, 13 March 2015

Heroes of Rune - Square Enix Collective Campaign

NORTH MIAMI, FL. (March 11, 2015) -- MijiKai Game Studio announces Heroes of Rune - Square Enix Collective Campaign

As Featured on Square Enix Blog / Website:

Square Enix Collective Campaign

Today MijiKai Game Studio is proud to announce the launch of Heroes of Rune - Square Enix Collective Campaign! "Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not." We are very excited to have Heroes of Rune featured on the Square Enix Collective Platform, and on the front page of While it almost feels like a dream come true, there is still lots of work ahead before we can celebrate.

We need the up-most support from our fans and followers at this time. Our goal is not only to make Heroes of Rune a reality with your help, but to create a truly unique Casual MOBA gaming experience driven by player feedback. MijiKai Game Studio invites you to show your support for Heroes of Rune. We also encourage all to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how we can improve upon the game idea and overall gameplay experience.

To Vote and provide Feedback, please visit:

The Game

Heroes of Rune is an epic new casual game fusing elements of Multiplayer RPG and MOBA style gameplay. Team up with friends for Quests, Raid challenges, engage in fast-paced PvE, PvP combat in an open-world environment. Once you are ready for more action, go head to head with other teams in the Rune Wars.

Rune Wars includes a unique capture & defend gameplay with traditional MOBA objective of destroying the opposing team's ancient. Unlike other MOBAs, Heroes of Rune will not include lanes or auto-spawning minions. Players have the freedom to roam the environment, hunt various monsters for experience points, collect gold, purchase upgrades, and spawn minions that will follow heroes directly into combat!

Heroes of Rune rewards players with Battle Points for their achievements throughout the game. With Battle Points players unlock additional game content such as new playable characters, and skins, along with earning higher ranks on the leaderboard. Players will also have an option to unlock this content through the purchase of in-game currency, but have no fear! Heroes of Rune will not adopt a pay-to-win model. Heroes of Rune will offer an equally balanced player experience regardless of play style.

Release Information

Heroes of Rune is currently in Open Alpha stage of development and pursuing a crowdfunding opportunity via Square Enix Collective. Follow us for additional release information and updates on Twitter, Facebook, or signup for Heroes of Rune's Newsletter at

Official Website:

Alpha Gameplay Trailer:

Follow us on Twitter:

Like us on Facebook:

About MijiKai Game Studio
We are a small independent game development studio focusing on immersive social games that offer original casual gaming experiences. The company was founded in 2013 and based in Miami, Florida. The team consists of small, but passionate and dedicated talents with fresh ideas. We hope you enjoy our games, and look forward to seeing you play in our worlds. For more information, please visit

A first look at "Melancholy Republic"

Featuring ambitious, flawed female lead characters; Melancholy Republic is an idea based around creating heart-breaking stories interwoven into a politically epic plot set within one beautiful and massive city. In similar story driven style as “To the Moon” it is a love letter to the amazing cities and towns of RPG classics. 

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign and the lovely screenshots below:

EnjoyUp Games to develop for Xbox One.

11th March 2015, BarcelonaSpain.  EnjoyUp Games obtains a license from Microsoft to develop software for the  Xbox One.

"Innovative developer in the gaming industry, EnjoyUp Games born with a team with more than 20 years of experience on the entertainment sector and the idea of revolutionize the concept of video game, a young company with strong principle of contribute with new and fun game forms.

Our philosophy is create new products that give new sensations to the player. We have
achieved this with our ambitious and original project Chronos Twins, a game never seen were the action runs on two screens at once with a new concept of time.

With these projects, EnjoyUp achieve his short-term objectives. With a look on the future on new and fascinating challenges, becoming a promising studio on the video game sector."

Shrapnel Games Spring Sale Event

On March 20, 2015 Spring officially begins! Starting today and running thru March 24th we want you to celebrate Spring with games shipped to your door or downloaded directly to your hard drive. Games of grand strategy, of war, of space and fantasy. Award winners, mod friendly, and critically acclaimed. Every computer game available at Shrapnel Games is being discounted in a frenzy of Spring celebration. They're all on sale at Shrapnel Games official store, the Gamers Front.

Check out these savings...

Air Assault Task Force - Real-time simulation of airmobile operations spanning four decades of modern warfare, highlighting three pivotal battles. Save $6.00.

Air Command 3.0 - A game about air traffic control. Definitely a different take on what strategy games can offer, Air Command 3.0 offers tense, exciting gameplay. Naps not included. Save $10.00!

Approaching Infinity - Our newest Title, Approaching Infinity is a game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. A rogue-like game set amongst the stars. Bunny petting allowed! Save $5.00.

ATF: Armored Task Force - Featuring tanks, tanks, and more tanks. Globe trotting fun in which yes, you blow the crap out of the enemy. Does an excellent job of reminding oneself of the little pleasures in life. Save $8.00!

Battle Group Commander Episode One - A microgame featuring all the expansive details you come to expect from a ProSIM product but at a tiny price. Lead the fight against the Russians using your Brits. Save $5.00. That's 33% off!

BCT Commander - Combined arms warfare at a brigade/regimental level around the world using ProSIM's trademark command time gameplay. Gamespot called it "outstanding", Computer Games Magazine awarded it 4 out of 5 stars and we say, 'how cool is that!' Save $5.00.

Bronze. Eurogaming on your PC. Fast paced tile laying game of area conquest. Bronze is the new gold! Save $6.00.

The Falklands War: 1982 - At the bottom of the world the British and Argentineans faced each other in a battle of Exocets and Harriers. Modeling combat down to bayonet charges, this entry in the ProSIM line features everything you've come to expect from ProSIM. Save $6.00.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War - Tired of watching the news and seeing South Korea constantly being picked on by North Korea? Total warfare on the peninsula in this intense real-time strategy game of modern warfare. Save $6.00.

Salvo! - When naval warfare consisted of wooden ships, colorfully dressed sailors, and big balls. Crush your enemies on the high seas through the joyous use of iron spheres of destruction. Save $7.00!

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa - Who doesn't like to kill monsters and take their loot? A mixture of dungeon creation kit and dungeon crawling. Save $10.00.

Space HoRSE - Another game that doesn't feature mass killing. A fast-playing economic game set in the future in space. All games should be set in space. Space is cool. Save $8.00.
The Star and the Crescent - Arab-Israeli conflicts, both historical and hypothetical. Perfect for the armor enthusiast. Save $7.00.

Total Eclipse - An open ended tabletop RPG system created to allow gamers to experience a rich variety of settings based around a single set of rules. Save $6.00 when you order all three packages. That's all three packages for $14.85!

War Plan Pacific - Command fleets, air groups, and amphib assaults! Featuring multiple victory conditions, not to mention a slew of fatalities and secret endings, this is THE Pacific game to have on your on your hard drive. Save $5.00.

winSPMBT Enhanced Edition - Classic wargaming is not dead! Hundreds of scenarios and endless tactics provide players with a game of infinite possibilities, only matched by its companion title, winSPWW2. Save $5.00.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition - Old school wargaming at its finest. Shermans, Panthers, and Cromwells fight on the beaches, in the fields, and beyond. Way too much gaming is contained here, with hundreds of hours of scenarios, campaigns, and quick battles. Save $6.00.

World Supremacy - So one day you're sitting around minding your own business when you're invaded by a horde of tanks. What do you do? Why, take the world over! Blending sensible beer and pretzels board gaming with computer gaming, World Supremacy is a violent romp of domination. Save $6.00.

Stop by to check out the complete catalog of discounted titles. 

There you can read up on the individual games and download demos before making your choices for purchase.  The Spring Sale Event runs through to March 24th 2015.

Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble Now Available on Steam

Independent developer, Red Fly Studio, is pleased to announce Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble is available now on Steam (PC). In Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble, players must navigate Pax through a nightmarish dream world where puzzles and obstacles await their every move, all while being chased by the giant Truffle Princess.

Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble is a unique platforming game featuring Pax, the hero of Mushroom Men. Pax is trapped in a terrible nightmare and players must control Pax as he is pursued by the besotted Truffle Princess, combining classic platforming action with imaginative puzzle-solving. Players must move, stack, and use objects to create new paths to jump and clamber on, all while the Truffle Princess draws ever closer. Being in a dream, even if it is a nightmare, can have its advantages.  Pax can transform into different forms to help him negotiate the world, each with its own distinct and powerful abilities. Players can use the forms to scamper across vertical walls, turn invisible, or even fly across vast chasms, but using them at the right time is the key. Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble draws players in with its distinct gameplay, then keeps them engaged with its beautiful worlds, quirky humor, and Pax’s super-powered forms.