Thursday, 24 December 2015


STARMETAL is an arcade vertical scrolling 3D shooter for PC. It is an homage to the games Tyrian, Raptor and Axeley. As the pilot of a spaceship, you'll fight for glory and money, the latter of which can be used for ship upgrades such as better weapons, shields, and special items. You'll need them too, as the enemy will come at you in an endless stream!


  • Endless waves of enemies to blast from the sky and ground
  • Customizable player ship (engine, shield, capacitor, primary weapon, secondary weapon, tertiary weapon)
  • Specials like stealth, super bombs and drones that fight by your side
  • Adjustable shooting angle
  • Several different fully dynamic generated levels
  • Multi-tiered level design
  • Bosses Drops, powerups & traps
  • Bonus levels & secrets 

Check out the game's Kickstarter Campaign and Steam Greenlight page.

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