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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

3 quick Android indie game reviews

3 Android indies I've quickly checked out recently...

Super Office Dance Revolution by Boogie Down Games

This simple game is a really good tea-break game.  Dance when your boss isn't near enough to see you, get back to work when he isn't - with a couple of extra features thrown in, cool retro graphics, a funky soundtrack and gamelay that gets progressively more frenetic - it's one of those maddeningly addictive games where you're always convinced that just one more go and you'll beat your high score.  Boogie on down!

Playstore link

Kids Puzzles by Micri-M 

Unfortuntately my kids are both slightly the wrong age for this.  My oldest is almost 5 and while she enjoys the game, she finds it extremely easy.  You youngest isn't 2 yet and doesn't quite understand what to do most of the time.  It's nicely presented and there's quite a bit of variety in the puzzles, if you have a 3 or 4 year old they will get a lot of enjoyment from it along with learning some basics along with hand-eye coordination.

Playstore link

Mikura Going Home by Rvbar

This nice arcade puzzle game takes a little getting to grips with, and whilst it seems to be aimed at a younger audience, the learning curve seems quite steep for young players.  It's nicely presented with bright, cartoony graphics, and the gameplay is surprisingly deep.  More for slightly older players who like casual games, this one's enjoyable and the dev promises a free update every month as well.

Playstore link

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