Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One Hundred Ways Trailer

Cologne, September 29, 2015 – In preparation of the upcoming release of One Hundred Ways, developer Sunlight Games released a new trailer to give you a taste of the action:

Map Creation in Cross-Platform Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online

With the closed beta of Sandbox Box Interactive’s medieval sandbox MMO Albion Online scheduled to kick-off this November, the development team has released an insightful blog, covering the intricacies of map design for its ambitious cross-platform (PC, Mac, iOS and Android) online universe.

Level design is at the very core of the Albion Online experience. In the latest blog How a Map for Albion Online is Designed, by Sandbox’s level design team, they discuss the process required to achieve three goals of level design: balancing, entertainment and visuals.

The process begins with a rough sketch created according to several design rules outlined in a requirement sheet. The next step is to build a map template into Unity, where the level design team sketch the terrain, hills, lakes and important landmarks to get a decent visual representation. Once the rough map is imported, it then undergoes several stages of design, from marking the positions of key landmarks to creating height differences and making the map feel “alive”.

With all details in place, the map is then exported to a 2D display “world editor” where it is connected with other Albion maps. Afterwards, it is imported into one of the development builds for further testing and balancing. For a small map, it takes the design team 35 hours from turning a rough paper sketch into a fully realized world in the Albion Online universe. Albion Online’s maps go through vigorous testing, so they are as detailed and balanced as possible, which is imperative for a well-designed game map.

About Albion Online
Albion Online is a cross-platform medieval style sandbox MMO. The free MMO offers players an extensive character customization system with no class restrictions, a completely player-driven economy and dynamic PvP battles. The action of the open game world revolves around sieging, claiming and defending territories. Albion Online will be released as a free-to-play title on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in Q1 2016. You can find more information on the website at

About Sandbox Interactive GmbH
Sandbox Interactive is an independent development studio founded in January 2012 and is based in Berlin, Germany, currently employing 25 full-time and 9 freelance programmers and designers on their cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online. Sandbox Interactive follows the belief that the creation of your own world and interaction with other players are paramount to entertainment – and, that these ideas are truly brought to life in the sandbox genre. With Albion Online, they are making a game with compelling gameplay and the player’s experience squarely in the foreground.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Atmospheric Adventure Typing Game, Epistory, Unfolds in Early 2016

Mons, Belgium - Sept. 28, 2015 - Fishing Cactus invites players to stop worrying about their kill-death ratio, and start working on their words per minute, when they release Epistory, an atmospheric adventure typing game, for Windows, Mac and Linux in Q1 2016. The Windows version will hit Steam Early Access on Sept. 30, 2015.

Featuring an aesthetic inspired by origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, Epistory's narrative-driven gameplay literally unfolds as the plot progresses. The game begins in a world that is completely white -- a blank slate of canvas that is the author's mind. As the writer begins the story, the vivid fantasy world takes shape, including its heroine, a young girl riding atop a majestic fox.

Epistory will be controlled entirely with the keyboard. All actions, from combat to menu navigation, are performed by typing words. The game will also feature a dynamic difficulty level that will adjust in real time based on players' typing skill. 

Players cast spells by typing in specific words to mine minerals, open treasure chests and defeat enemies. Doing so rewards the player with Inspiration, which is not only used to upgrade the heroine's abilities, but also unlock more of the map to explore. 

As players moves through the world, they will even find dungeons with spells that will not only provide them with a new way to approach combat, but will also enable them to venture through previously barricaded areas. As the game progresses words must be typed in a specific order and at certain speeds, expanding the mechanics of the typing genre.

"Our first priority is creating an atmospheric adventure the likes of which gamers have never seen," says Bruno Urbain, CEO, Fishing Cactus. "With a gorgeous art-style, an innovative control scheme and a fantastic story, Epistory will deliver just that."

More information about Epistory can be found at

About Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus is an indie developer composed of 30 individuals. Based in Belgium, the company's name is to signify their originality and ability to thrive it in a nation without many game development studios.

To learn more about Fishing Cactus please visit

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Unite 2015: 2015 Unity Awards Winners Revealed

Boston, MA – September 23, 2015 – Unity Technologies, the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make creative and intelligent interactive 3D and 2D experiences, announced the winners of the 2015 Unity Awards at the 2015 Unite Conference in Boston, MA.

Unity Technologies began the Unity Awards to honor the developers creating the best video games and interactive 3D and 2D applications using the Unity development platform. This year's winners were chosen by a combined vote between Unity Technologies and the Unity community of developers. The winners are:

  • Golden Cube - Cities: Skylines by Colossal Order
  • Best 3D Visual Experience - Endless Legend by Amplitude Studios
  • Best 2D Visual Experience - Ori and the Blind Forest by Moon Studios
  • Best Gameplay - Kerbal Space Program by Squad
  • Best VizSim Project - Parachute Training Simulator by Pennant PLC
  • Best Non-game Project - UEFA Champions League Nissan Orchestra
  • Best VR Experience - Tilt Brush by Google
  • Asset Store Award - Chronos - Time Control by Ludiq
  • Best Student Project - Anarcute by Anarteam

The Unity Technologies team judged the awards. In spring 2016, open nominations for the next Unity Awards will begin.

About Unite 2015
Taking place September 21-23, 2015 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Unite 2015 is an event for developers, publishers, enthusiasts and others interested in Unity to come together to learn more about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations and other 3D and 2D interactive content -- and how to get the most out of it. The conference offers three days of learning including advanced hands-on class tutorials, technical sessions, previews of upcoming technology as well as the chance to network in a creative and energetic environment and attend awesome parties.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pit lane 16

Italian indie devs Unserious Games are currently developing a race car team management game for PC, Mac and Linux called Pit lane 16.  To be honest what's on the website and Greenlight page needs a lot of work - the graphics don't look up to the job yet (may be alpha / beta) and it all looks pretty generic atm - but hopefully this could progress into something that motor racing fans will really enjoy.

Award-winning Sci-Fi Gamebook “Heavy Metal Thunder” 1st Anniversary

After funding their next project "The Frankenstein Wars" on Kickstarter last month, this September Cubus Games are celebrating the 1st anniversary of their sci-fi gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder.

They're running a little contest for the HMT gamebook fans (and newcomers!) throughout September. People will be able to vote which is their favourite epic moment amongst the selection done by the author himself. The winner will get a colorful art print at home. For more details see the Cubus Games Blog.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Originally part of the 2014 AGS Bake Sale, THAT DAMN DOG! Deluxe is now available as a free download in its own right, now with the added bonus of full voice acting.  A playable sitcom, it's funny, very playable and quite challenging.  You can download it from GameJolt.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Relive the great 80s with Megamagic!

BeautiFun Games, creators of the awarded Nihilumbra, have announced their next title, Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age.

“Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age” is a videogame where you can find both RTS elements and ARPG elements. The core mechanics are related to learning a wide range of spells and summoning all kinds of creatures in order to solve puzzles and defeat foes. All this filled with 80s vibes: from neon lights to the awesome music of Mitch Murder (Kung Fury, Hotline Miami 2)

The game is in its production phase, but is now at a critical point in the development because they've just launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is not just to raise 20,000$, but also to engage their audience and get feedback.

Check out the Kickstarter Page for more information.

Assault Android Cactus Launches September 23 on PC

PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation Vita Release in Q1 2016

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND - Sept. 2, 2015 - Witch Beam's high octane arcade-style twin stick shooter, Assault Android Cactus, hits PC on Wednesday, Sept. 23, launching on Windows, OSX and Linux. PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U releases will follow in Q1 2016 bringing the same intense experience to console players. 

Set in a vivid sci-fi universe, Assault Android Cactus features a playable cast of all female androids sent to investigate a distress beacon coming from a ship lost in deep space. Each heroine must battle against hordes of robotic enemies using their character-specific primary and secondary weapons, while navigating dynamic stages that constantly introduce new elements. 

Players begin the game with a choice of four playable androids and as they progress through the campaign unlock five more - including a currently unrevealed android with a vicious combat style, awarded for beating the game. 

Each android not only comes equipped with their own particular weapons dictating their style of play, but also has their personality exhibited in dialogue. Cactus is the bold and confident leader, looking to uphold the law and bring evildoers to justice; Holly is a soft-spoken and shy android, rarely taken seriously by her opponents; and Starch is an adorably quirky lunatic who strikes fear into her enemies with just a smile and a wave. 

In addition to a campaign that supports one to four players and a boss rush mode that lets players tackle the bosses one after another, Assault Android Cactus also offers Daily Drive and Infinity Drive modes, providing hardcore players a chance to show off their skill. 

In Infinity Drive, players choose their best character and attempt to survive as long as possible against endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies and constantly changing stages, making every attempt feel different. 

The Daily Drive challenges players to survive through ten randomly generated waves of enemies, but only gives them one chance per day. Every 24 hours, a new challenge and leaderboard awaits players.

"We made an arcade action game that took our favorite things about the twin sticks and shump genres and combined them into something new that I think fans of those games are going to love." said Sanatana Mishra, director at Witch Beam. "We've been inspired by so many shooters over the years, from Robotron, to Ikaruga, and Resogun, and hope Assault Android Cactus will be as fondly remembered as those classics." 

Assault Android Cactus is in Early Access and available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux for $14.99 USD. 

About Witch Beam
Witch Beam is a Brisbane-based Australian indie developer. The studio is comprised of industry veterans whose resumes cite BAFTA and GDC awards for work on titles including L.A. Noire, Alien Isolation, Need for Speed and Hand of Fate.
Witch Beam strives to develop substantial experiences on core gaming platforms with polished gameplay that focuses on mastering select elements, rather than delivering a massive amount of unrefined features.
To learn more about Witch Beam please visit 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Grandfather - demo released

"The Grandfather" is an atmospheric Story Driven Point and Click puzzle/horror Game, presented in a pop-up storybook, comic book art style, with narration by a voice actress. The Game tells the tale of an old man who is tormented by the coldness of his wife. The Grandfather is a combination of exploration and point and click elements, and features a procedural soundtrack that is created by the user as they play the game.

Demo available here

Monday, 7 September 2015

New hacker game - "Bitstream"

This new release by AGS member Chicky looks interesting - it was made for the MAGS August 2015 competition but instead of a traditional point and click game, Chicky has made a hacker game.

"Hack your way through complex folder structures in an attempt to bring down a mysterious organization, set in a hostile world where the vast majority of it's inhabitants are completely reliant on respiratory breathing aids."

Friday, 4 September 2015

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine released

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine by Canadian indie dev Dragoon Entertainment has now been released.  If you've been playing the demo, you can port over the files to continue your progress from that.  Check out the Official Website.

Minimum specs:
  • Graphics card capable of supporting Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0 and Shader Model 1.1
  • XNA Framework 3.1 (redistributable included with both demo and full game)
  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 1280x800
  • Windows Vista/7/8 Operating System
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Chill Out! Zombies

You are a bird with a zombie attached to your legs.  Don't let the zombie eat you!  Sounds simple enough...

Key Features:- Simple one button gameplay that anyone can enjoy
- Combo scoring system
- Fully support Game Center to compete your scores with your friends
- More than 40+ costumes to be unlocked
- Easy gameplay recording and sharing options
- Unique hourly objectives that brings a fresh experience

Free to play with in-app purchases available.  Available on iTunes.

Mammoth Gravity Battles - turn based strategy/artillery based around gravity

Mammoth Gravity Battles combines turn based strategy with the artillery concept pushed further than any previous game by featuring 3D gravity fields caused by planets stars and wormholes. This is NASA rocket scientist hard, something players will never have experienced before. A robust single player campaign gradually introduces the game elements and teaches the secrets of gravity. By the end of these story missions, players find that the complex estimations are instinctive and a mammoth space warrior is ready to destroy three friends in multiplayer battles on one device - pass and play. If it's all too much there is an easier flat mode where all the objects are confined to a plane, which makes for faster, fun games.

* 3D or 2D gameplay, both with beautiful 3d visuals
* Single player campaign
* Procedurally generated space battlefields - never the same game twice
* Multiple weapons - from standard cannon to mini-gun and rocket-pod
* Destructible planets that fragment and stars that supernova
* Multiplayer battles on one device, pass and play

Mammoth gravity battles has just been released to on Android Amazon and Google Play app stores. Later this year to be released on iOS and PC/Mac/Linux - on Steam Greenlight,